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 Going Beyond Whipped Cream
is our new recipe book which is free to download.

Starter Packs

Everything you need to get started- save money by ordering whipped cream dispensers and canisters.

Various sizes available.

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If you are interested in molecular gastronomy, then we have a selection of kits that serve as a great introduction for anyone looking to experiment. For the more serious we are going to be stocking molecular gastronomy ingredients in bulk quantities are wholesale prices. The smaller gastronomy kits are sent by Royal Mail to keep the prices down, so are not able to qualify for our next day delivery guarantee. They will still qualify for free delivery if they are purchased with another qualifying product (eg. cream chargers)
Cheese Making Kits
If you have been a fan of Cheeky Monkey Cream Chargers for a while then you'll be pleased to know that we are spreading our dairy range beyond whipped cream and into the realm of cheese. So if you have ever fancied making your own cheese then now could be the perfect time, just pick up one of our cheese making kits. They are the perfect gift and are possibly the cheapest cheese making kits online in the UK!

Cream Chargers

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Cheeky Monkey Cream Chargers UK for Discount Cream Supplies and Molecular Gastronomy Supplies!

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Cheese and Bacon Butties

Cheeky Monkey Cream Chargers UK is extremely chuffed to be launching two new lines of products. Our Cheese Monkey cheese making kits are getting a makeover with more support and instructions online, plus some extra recipes. Butcher in Box bacon making kits will help you create the tastiest bacon you are ever likely to sample. We are sure that once you’ve made your own dry-cured bacon you will never be satisfied with the stuff from supermarkets ever again.  To request a sample for a pre-launch bacon butty then tweet us your request.

If you aren't already familiar with using nitrous oxide chargers for whipping then this online shop will have everything you need to get started. We have plenty of tips and cream recipes so that our customers can get the most out of their new purchases.


Buying Cream Chargers

When you buy cream chargers you need to ensure that you get the correct size and fitting for your whipped cream dispenser. We have a selection of 8gm and 16gm sized gas cartridges and nitrous oxide refills - the most common are the 8gm size and these are the ones that we would recommend for everyone except for the catering trade. It is not possible to use 8gm nitrous chargers with a dispenser designed for use with a 16gm refill and vice-versa. We stock the standard “push-fit” refills which will work with all of the dispensers that we sell and all other brands except for Kisag and older screw-thread models. A more detailed discussion of cream chargers can be found on wikipedia


Wholesale and Bulk

Cheeky Monkey Cream Chargers supplies cafes, restaurants and caterers with bulk whipped cream chargers. Wholesale customers expect the best service and lowest prices – which is exactly what we offer. We value all of our customers equally which is why we can offer the same prices to everyone - the free delivery option applies to all orders over £99 - regardless of the contents of the basket of goods.


Next Day Delivery

Our experience with trade customers has led us to understand the importance of a reliable delivery network. We can guarantee all of our delivery times and dates whether you are ordering a few cream charger refills or a wholesale shipment you will offered the same priority and service. All orders placed before 5.30pm will be dispatched the same day for delivery the following working day. It is possible to order as late as 4.00pm on Friday and still receive your order the next day if you select the Saturday delivery option (the free delivery option does not apply to Saturdays).

If you are still unsure if what we sell is right for you then let the Cheeky Monkey explain a little bit about the difference it has made to his life .....

It is unlikely that your lives are as monotonous as this poor fellow's  - but that does not mean that it can't be improved does it?

After all life is not supposed to be bananas, bananas, bananas - it really needs a bit of cream on top!

Buying Nitrous Oxide

In order to help you understand the product you are purchasing we provide an info section about buying nitrous oxide gas with scientific and historical background information. We also have a detailed section of the potential harm and side effects of N2O abuse. For those of our customers in the mood for experimentation we also have a brief outline of the use on NOS in hybrid rocket motors, so even if gastronomy is not your thing....

Discount Codes
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For more information about whipped cream chargers with ideas and recipes the take look at our blog for some inspiration.

Whipped Cream Chargers

Cheeky Monkey aims to sell cream supplies at the best UK prices to wholesale and retail customers. For cafes and bars we have ideas to use whipped cream chargers to add a dash of inspiration to liven up your drinks and cocktails. We also have recipes to let you expand your molecular cuisine beyond the obvious of simply using cream chargers to make whipped cream. Have you ever considered using the nitrous oxide in the canister for making an espuma? Whether savoury or sweet your cream dispenser can perform magic tricks in the kitchen! If you do not quite feel up to full-on molecular cuisine and don’t know your agar from your jelly then even adding a dash of flavour to you dispenser before you charge it can give an interesting accompaniment to drinks or desserts.  So don’t be shy, follow the Cheeky Monkey and be inspired! We are adding a great new range of Modernist Cusine tools and ingredients - but for beginners we think our molecular gastronomy spherification kit is a great place to start.



If we suspect you intend to misuse our products the Cheeky Monkey will refuse to sell to you.

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