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Everything you need to get started, whipped cream starter kits contain both nitrous chargers and dispenser - Ideal for the budding molecular chef

Various sizes available.

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10 Cream Chargers hanging on the wall
10 Cream Chargers hanging on the wall 10 Cream Chargers hanging on the wall 10 Cream Chargers hanging on the wall 10 Cream Chargers hanging on the wall

10 Cream Chargers (16g)

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Product Description


This is the size of cream chargers preferred by our trade and catering clients. Each charger contains enough N2O to aerate approx 1 liter of cream - producing 4 liters of the finished product.
10 16gm cream chargersEven for domestic customers then this can be a useful quantity of cream. Think how quickly you could get through it if you were holding a party or making a trifle!
These 16gm cream chargers are only designed to be used with the larger sized dispenser and although they fit with a half-liter whipped cream dispenser we strongly advise against this due to the possibility of rupture or explosions.


Next Day Delivery
Cheeky Monkey Cream Charges is a trusted supplier of the catering trade and we promise that all orders placed online at creamchargers.org.uk will be delivered the following working day – you can even order as late as 5.30pm to qualify for this great service!
10 16g whipped cream chargersInformation Regarding this Product:
If you have never used nitrous oxide gas to make whipped cream you will be amazed by how much time you can save and how little washing up is involved. The occasional treat of some whipped cream can become an everyday occurrence when you have the right equipment.
To make things even simpler – once you have charged the cream with nitrous oxide then it can remain in your fridge until needed – so just whip it out and whip it on every time you need it.
A single charge of nitrous oxide from a 16gm cream charger can make as much as 4 pints of whipped cream – which is why they are the preferred size for most of our professional catering customers.
Safety Information: This product contains nitrous oxide gas under high-pressure – read and follow the instructions regarding storage and use BEFORE you order. Misuse: by purchasing from us you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. Please read the box-text on the left hand side of this page.
Nitrous oxide is a greenhouse gas so respect your environment – recycle the cartridges after use.
These 16gm cream chargers are of the highest quality and only contain 100% foodsafe Nitrous Oxide
Some Ideas:
  • Use milkshake flavouring powders and syrups to add some excitement to the whipped cream
  • Get experimental with mousses
  • Read the Cheeky Monkey cookbook
  • Throw a cream party ….

10 16gm cream chargers

These 16gm sized chargers are popular with trade and catering customers because they can whip more cream – if you own a coffee shop and currently don’t use any form of dispenser then perhaps you should consider it …

Boost Sales in a Coffee Shop Using Whipped Cream
In consideration to the fact of seeing coffee shop nowadays almost in every corner of the street, it can be given the respect of being more popular than tea. In recent years coffees have become one of the most favorite drink of the human civilization with a consistent increasing demand all over the world. For this reason, owning a coffee shop or hoping to set up one in the near future is quite a brilliant idea as its reliable and also affordable within a tight budget considering minimal decoration. The main soul of a coffee shop lies in the heart of the flavors, many stores now offer a wide variety of coffees that are unique and tastes different than others but if you are looking for something more than that you should consider using whipped cream dispensers.

Why you should use dispenser rather than cream normal can?
This is a common question for all and everyone does the mistake of overlooking the fact of using whipped cream chargers over and over again to make variant coffee recipes. The normal food cans consisting of whipped creams are for one time use only and can ruin a lot of money in comparison with a cream charger, the dispenser allows using the charger as many times you want enabling you to reuse saving a lot of extra cash needed to buy the normal whipped cream can.

How can you boost the coffee sales?
You can definitely turn on the super boost button of your coffee shop and make customers happy by using various toppings upon the coffee using the cream charger along with a cream dispenser to add variety of flavors such as mint, vanilla, raspberry and much more making delicious coffee’s that sets a memory on the tastes buds unlike any other. Different types of short recipes can be found online or local book stores that you can try on to mix up your coffee making experience and give the customers a fantastic treat.



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