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Everything you need to get started, whipped cream starter kits contain both nitrous chargers and dispenser - Ideal for the budding molecular chef

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100 Cream Chargers - enough for a centurion
100 Cream Chargers - enough for a centurion 100 Cream Chargers - enough for a centurion 100 Cream Chargers - enough for a centurion 100 Cream Chargers - enough for a centurion

100 Cream Chargers (16g)

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Product Description
100 Cream Chargers (16gm of Nitrous Oxide per canister)
If you need to make more whipped cream then you’ll be glad if you buy these larger 16gm cream chargers from creamchargers.org.uk. Each disposable nitrous oxide refill is capable of producing as much as three litres of whipped cream from a single charge.
100 16gm cream chargersCheeky Monkey cream chargers guarantees that all items are dispatched immediately for overnight shipping and next day delivery – regardless of the size of your order.  
In order to benefit from the additional volume of gas produced from 16gm cream chargers then you will need to make sure that you have a 16gm cream whipper – creamchargers.org.uk can dispatch one of these with your order – so make sure that it’s in your shopping basket. Using these larger chargers with the smaller dispensers is potentially explosive so please avoid.
Information about this product:
  • Every charger can be used only once
  • Nitrous oxide charged cream has a longer shelf-life if refrigerated
  • These are not to be used with 8gm cream dispensers
  • Additional safety and misuse info must be read before purchase
Making whipped cream with these is a simple process – but there are also plenty of other things that these can be used for – add flavours to your whipped cream to make it a little bit special – this could be for sophisticated for dinner-parties or simple just to add a bit of colour to children’s’ parties.
Cheeky Monkey has produced a cookbook for you to download to help you get inspired and get the most form your new cream making equipment.

100 16gm cream chargers

If you take good care of your cream chargers then they'll take good care of you. Follow these tips to make sure you get the maximum enjoyment out of your new purchase.

Top 5 Ways to keep your Cream Chargers Efficient and Durable100 cream chargers 16gm

The lustrous creamy top on elegantly decorated food items not only gives an attractive look but also increases the appetite level for it. At present time, creams are used everywhere, not only in foods but also drinks to make them even better. We cannot deny the fact of pie, cakes, ice-creams and other types of food items become heavenly if it consists of whipped cream. We all know whipped cream cans are available on the market but it never matches with the delight of using a cream charger. You can also see difference in regards of the resulting cream and whipped cream dispensers provide an excellent fluffy, smooth cream unlike any other.
It’s not an uncommon factor that you may use the cream dispenser excessively in order to produce excellent tasty creams and finish different types of recipes. But people often overlook the fact of maintaining cleanliness in regards of this useful device. So you should follow the 5 tips below to ensure that your device remains efficient and excellent for a long lasting time:

  1. Only fill up to three-fourths of Cream Dispenser
Never fill up the whole bottle of the dispenser, although it might not seem a problem at first, long term use as such may damage the device in the long run. As cream charger pressurizes the inside of the device, it needs to have a bit of space left to render perfect service.
  1. Stop using solid ingredients
Recipes may consist of ingredients that are grainy and solid. You should not avoid using them rather you should beat them before in order to make them smooth to use in the dispenser. Make juice of fruits or use powdered sugar for example.
  1. Unwashed Nozzle Trouble
Nozzle must not be unwashed after usage, otherwise it can attract micro-bacteria creating food poison. Also you should never refrigerate the cream in dispenser with unclean nozzle on.
  1. Remove the Gas
Gasses are hazardous elements to use, so while washing the device, release gas that’s stuck inside after usage.
  1. Keep it Dry
As much as it is possible, try to keep the device dry rather than moist. Dryness helps to keep the parts of the device working well and properly.

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