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Starter Packs

Everything you need to get started, whipped cream starter kits contain both nitrous chargers and dispenser - Ideal for the budding molecular chef

Various sizes available.

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Perfect Gift - Jordan's Skinny Syrup Set
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Looking for cream supplies? We think the Cheeky Monkey has everything you might be wanting. Kits, canisters, dispensers, flavouring syrups and ingredients. If you're looking for something you don't see on the site - then just get in touch.
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400 x 16gm makes a lot of cream from a lot of Nitrous Oxide gas
400 x 16gm makes a lot of cream from a lot of Nitrous Oxide gas 400 x 16gm makes a lot of cream from a lot of Nitrous Oxide gas 400 x 16gm makes a lot of cream from a lot of Nitrous Oxide gas 400 x 16gm makes a lot of cream from a lot of Nitrous Oxide gas

300 Cream Chargers (16g)

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Product Description
300 Whipped Cream Chargers - this product is over £150 so qualifies for FREE next day delivery!

400 cream chargers 16gm

 400 Cream Chargers 16gm
16gm cream chargers serve exactly the same purpose as the standard 8gm size – they just do it twice as quickly!
When used with the larger, 16gm whipped cream dispenser then as much as 3 litres of whipped cream can be created from a single filling!
PLEASE NOTE: do not attempt to use 16gm Nitrous Chargers with a standard (8gm) whipper. They contain twice the volume of pressurised nitrous oxide so will put too much stress upon the whipper, its pressure seals and gaskets and can result in explosions.

cheeky monkey cream chargers 16gm
16gm cream chargers are ideal for restaurants and coffee shops – simply charge the whipper and keep it in the fridge ready to be used when needed.  An added bonus of using nitrous oxide to prepare your whipped cream is that the lifespan of the cream is extended by as much as 10 days. To take advantage of this bonus simply fill the whipped cream dispenser and charge with a full 16gm nitrous charger, then return the container to the fridge. The nitrous oxide gas will dissolve into the cream dispersing any oxygen and reducing the ability of bacteria and pathogens to develop and spoil the cream.

Flavoured Whipped Cream
Why not get two cream whippers and use one with a flavoured whipped cream, that way you can offer your customers a selection of toppings for whichever cake, sundae or dessert you are preparing for them. We sell four different colours of dispenser at Cheeky Monkey Cream Chargers so you can colour-code your flavoured creams to avoid confusing staff!
Any flavouring syrups can be used – but if you are only going to use one – we find that butterscotch is the most popular one available. Try and see – we think your upsales will increase with this option.
Safety: Pressurised canisters of nitrous oxide are under great pressure – make sure you read the safety data printed upon the container they arrive in. It is your responsibility to ensure that your staff are familiar with and hazardous material controls.
Safety Data along with additional terms and conditions of sale are published on creamchrgers.org.uk (at the left of every page).

400 16gm cream chargers

Whipped Cream Chargers: Innovation towards Healthy Planet
400 cream chargers 16gm

There was a time when people only had to use their hands to mix and beat a cream, cakes were difficult to make and recipes were no longer unique. But as our advanced civilization changed, so did our methods of cooking and living life, the entry of cream dispensers have made us wonder how was it possible to lead life in the past. Just charge up the dispenser with the cream dispenser, use flavor and desired ingredients, shake it a bit and you’re done. Soft fluffy cream is prepared just within minutes that took more than a few hours if made manually. Latest advancements have made our life much easier, cream chargers are one of the best examples of it.

Why is it healthy for planet?

We know in the recent past there were can creams much appreciated for their good results but they had a very bad side effect on the environment. The cans produced harmful chemicals and toxins that were destroying the ozone layer causing a potential threat of exposing the world to harmful UV rays that may cause cancer as well as kills plants. For this scientists have come up with the idea of cream chargers, they are efficient more than the cans and they are not harmful as they do not create any waste. As a result the diverse effects are reduced and therefore it supports to maintain a greener planet.

More Usefulness
Not only does the cream dispenser enables one to help the environment stay clean but it also helps you to eradicate manual labor while creating creams. Whipped creams are easily made with these compact sized devices and are reusable, long lasting enough to help you master your chef skills. The possibilities are unimaginable as you may try making different types of recipes on your own and presenting mesmerizing desserts or drinks that can amaze your friends and families. Never again worry about creamy dishes because it can be freshly made within minutes.

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