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Everything you need to get started, whipped cream starter kits contain both nitrous chargers and dispenser - Ideal for the budding molecular chef

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50 Cream Chargers - 16gm
50 Cream Chargers - 16gm 50 Cream Chargers - 16gm 50 Cream Chargers - 16gm 50 Cream Chargers - 16gm

50 Cream Chargers 16G

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Product Description
 50 Cream Chargers (16gm Size)
Cheeky Monkey Cream Charges is a trusted supplier to the catering trade and we can assure you that your order will be shipped immediately for next-day delivery. Our experiences in the business of online supplies help us to recognise the importance of reliability.
50 16gm cream chargersA 16gm charger contains twice the volume of gas as the standard 8gm size. This product (box of 50 cream chargers) is intended only to be used with the correct 16gm size of whipped cream dispenser. If you do not already own one of these we suggest you either check out our range of whipped cream dispensers or purchase he smaller 6gm size of nitrous oxide charger.
Advantages of whipping with nitrous oxide
There are many advantages of using cream chargers to produce whipped cream:
  1. It is fast – it only takes a few seconds to prepare the cream and even less time to dispense it.
  2. Less waste – once charged the nitrous oxide gas will help to preserve the cream preventing it from going rancid and keeping it fresh for longer. If you charge a dispenser full of cream and then keep it un-opened in a cool environment then it will last for several weeks – as opposed to normal whipped cream which can turn within a few days.
  3. Lighter Cream – the cream you whip using nitrous oxide is 50% lighter than normal whipped cream – this means that you can use less of it – so it’s better for your health, wealth and waistline.
  4.  Variety – it is easy to add flavourings to the cream before you charge it so you can get quite experimental with colour and aromas.
Why Stop at Cream?
The process of using pressurised gas to lighten and raise a liquid can be applied to just about any sweet or savoury dish – so take a look through our cookery guide “Beyond Whipped Cream” to get some ideas. Even without using a recipe you could try a few simple things – how about frothing up some mayonnaise for a light and foamy dressing? Or using some melted ice cream to create your ow Mr Whippy?  

50 16gm cream chargers


Tips for Mom: Delicious Vegetables

A mother’s duty is full of problematic issues and most of them are regarding children, it’s not an uncommon sight to see kids crying not to eat the vegetables. Sometimes forcing the children to eat vegetables may not attain satisfactory results. Just think about the times when you were a kid, we all behave the exact same way as we also didn’t want to eat the bad taste vegetables. But wait, there’s a simple solution for all these issues which will reshape your child’s bad eating habit and help him or her attain the best appetite for vegetables and fruits.

Cream Chargers, The ultimate solution16gm cream chargers 50

Adding rich vanilla, cola or chocolate flavored creams upon the vegetables and decorating them nicely will surely attract any child to eat it and become healthy. You no more need to tolerate the issue of not eating on a proper diet as the delicious flavors will keep kids wanting for more vegetables with cream. You can use the whipped cream charger to create fantastic vegetable recipes that are unique and tasty to eat, don’t worry the charger also known as cream dispenser is totally safe for health which uses only nitrous oxide to make the fluffy cream instantly.

Vegetable Recipe Which Kids Will Crave For

Take broccoli, pumpkin, pineapple, grape and cut them into square cubes, you don’t need to be perfect but the shape is made in such to look attractive. You can also add other vegetables and fruits of your own choice. Then mix the vegetables and keep it in the freezer.
Ingredients for the cream chargers:

    Two tablespoon of sugar
    Three tablespoon of vanilla extracts (other flavor such as chocolate can be used)
    Normal cream

Mix it in the charger for 4 -5 minutes to make it fluffy and soft, now add the cream into the bowl of vegetables and mix it, while mixing just add two to three drops of honey in it, mix it no longer than 2 minutes. Put a few cherries on the bowl and voila present your ultimate vegetable item for children.


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