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Get the right molecular mixology recipes

Introduction to Molecular Mixology

Molecular mixology, when done perfectly will blow your taste buds away. You will have drinks that explode on your tongue. For decades, cocktails have been popular among many people but in the real sense, how people came up with this name remains a mystery. Simply put, a cocktail is a mixture of many sensations and tastes.


Molecular mixology has its origins in molecular gastronomy and to date; many of the ingredients used in molecular gastronomy are used in mixology. However, while the art of combining chemicals and food to create new flavors has now been perfected, the same cannot be said about the drinks. Mixology is still young, but it is doing wonderfully well. Today, you can even make your explosive cocktails at home, and have a ball any time you wish. The procedure used to make cocktails is called mixology.


Some people try to make their own cocktails by mixing different drinks with lemon, vinegar, bicarbonate soda and such-like ingredients, but they end up with different concoctions. The mixture might taste bad and sometimes, it will be unpalatable. Mixing more than one type of spirit blindly is a challenge, because the mixture might end up being undrinkable.


Coming up with a good mixture of sensations and tastes that will appeal to many people’s taste buds is a challenge, but it is not impossible. Mixology is a form of art or science. In fact, it is almost like a ritual because everything has to be done right. This is where molecular mixology comes in. There are many popular types of cocktails drinks. Making a cocktail does not only require you to mix different types of spirits and chemicals, but you also have to use the appropriate equipments. You must make sure the final drink tastes good, appetizing and is appealing. Prepare yourself before making your cocktail.


Get the right molecular mixology recipes

Conduct few molecular mixology experiments before deciding on the right cocktail. Sometimes you might follow the directions given on how to make cocktail, but you end up making something that does not appeal to you. Getting the right recipe is crucial. There are so many online, more than 300 of them. If you are getting an introduction to mixology, make sure to start simple. The good thing is that most of the recipes available here and elsewhere on the internet are formulated by the best bartenders–cum-mixologists.


You have to have the right equipments like blenders, funnels and accessories like cocktail glasses and bar tools. With cocktails getting increasingly expensive, making your own at home is smarter. Many non-alcoholic ingredients that you can use to mix your cocktail are available in liquor stores or from the local grocery. The steps are easy to follow and soon, you can start enjoying your homemade cocktails. Thanks to molecular mixology, the room for improvement is so wide. Get experimental today and try many recipes.