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Taste Revolution: Creative Catering Ingredients & Equipment 

Welcome to Taste Revolution, the experts in creative taste. Taste Revolution supplies a wealth of supplies to enable you to start experimenting with more creative recipes and techniques, so discover the likes of N2O Cream Chargers, CO2 Cartridges, and N2 Nitro Canisters. Suitable for cafes, restaurants, bars and other catering businesses as well as home use, our products are the perfect choice for getting started with creative cooking.

If you’re looking for something a bit more on the level of Heston Blumenthal, look no further. We specialise in a sophisticated range of Molecular Gastronomy Kits to help your cooking reach a wider audience by adding something a little bit special to your drinks and desserts. 

And with both retail and wholesale quantities, as well as next-day delivery on all our products, you can rest assured you’re investing in a premium service.


Gastronomy Accessories

As experts in creative taste, our knowledge and experience that far proceeds drink ingredients and bar equipment, with a quality range of molecular gastronomy supplies. 

From Molecular Cocktail Mixology Kits to Cheese Making Kits perfect for both business and home-use, stumble onto your next masterpiece today. 

Gastronomy Canisters

Over the years we have built up a significant inventory of gastronomy canisters, carefully selecting the biggest and the best equipment and quantities for our customers. Supplying products from big names such as Pro Whip, iSi, Liss and Mosa - each with their own unique flair. 

With extensive quantities for each from our cheapest cream chargers in packs of 24 to larger volumes in 96, 360 and 600 wholesale - and of course everything in between! 

Experience a Level Up in Flavour

Fancying adding something a little extra to your morning coffees or homemade cocktails? Indulge in our extensive range of flavoured syrups and sauces, perfect for adding a twist to your favourite drinks and desserts. And with a healthy supply of sugar alternatives, you can enjoy our sugar-free syrups, guilt-free!

Regardless of what you envision for your decedent syrups, you’ll be glad to hear we have a wide selection available. Whether you fancy a bit of Monin, Simply, Sweetbird Syrups or Jordan’s Skinny Syrups - we’ve got everything you need to take your drinks to the next level.