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0.25L Cream Whipper - Black

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Product Description
Small 0.25 litre Black Cream Whipper with a plastic dispensing head. This is a small but powerful whipped cream dispenser – and when used with a standard, 8gm cream charger will produce 0.75l of whipped cream. The size of this product makes it ideal for outside events and picnics. As an added bonus the Nitrous Oxide gas will preserve the cream because of its anti-biotic effects which means by charging the cream before you go you can ensure that it will remain fresh.
The ¼ litre black whipped cream dispenser is manufactured and designed with weight and portability in mind – so it is not suitable for heavy-duty industrial catering use. For professional use – or if you intend to use it for making hot foams then please consider purchasing one of our cream whippers that utilises a metal (stainless steel) head.
Please Note:  For use with standard 8g chargers only. Chargers are NOT included. Not suitable for cleaning in a dishwasher. Handwash only.

  • The dispensing head is black plastic.
  • Stainless steel is used for all of the moving parts for longevity of service.
  • All seals are manufactured from hard wearing silicone rubber.
  • At only ¼ litre this dispenser
  • All standard 8gm Cream Chargers work with this product.
  • The black colour contrasts beautifully with the white cream

OVER 18's ONLY - This product is not for sale to under 18's.
MISUSE - We will refuse to sell to you if we suspect you intend to misuse our products.
Blueberry and white chocolate ice cream
The super sensual black cream whipper deserves a recipe to match and this onse is perfect. So get your cream chargers ready to spray with this one! The basis of ice cream, as we know it, really originates from early Roman times when experimentation with fruit was found to improve the flavour.  But it was not until the eighteenth century when ice cream took shape and different flavours and found its place as a popular dessert.
Although ice cream is often thought to be an American dessert, Europe introduced America to this delight.  But progress has truly enabled this appealing dessert to develop and it is now looked upon as a refreshing sweet enjoyed by everyone.
There are many delicious flavours and combinations to sample.  But for a truly delectable summer dessert with lashings of cream try this perfect duo.  The simple delicate tang of blueberry with creamy white chocolate is enough to take your breath away. 
So put your cream charger to good use by attaching to your whipped cream dispenser to enable the cream to aerate prior to the decoration of this awesome sweet.  It will be a recipe you will repeat time and again as it will become a firm favourite for everyone.
315 grammes caster sugar
125 ml water
6 egg yolks
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
250 grammes white chocolate
500 ml whipped cream
500 grammes blueberries
Put the sugar into the water in a saucepan and stir over a low heat until sugar has completely dissolved.  Then bring to the boil.  Once boiled, reduce temperature and leave to simmer for approximately 5 minutes.
Place egg yolks in a bowl and stir well until a thick and creamy texture results.  Add syrup and continue beating together.  Combine the melted chocolate and vanilla extract into the mixture.
Then add the whipped cream by using your whipped cream dispenser and add blueberries to the mixture as well.  Once all the ingredients are well combined, put contents into a covered container and freeze until quite solid or set.
To serve, spoon the ice cream into dishes with strawberries, raspberries or any other soft fruit that is available according to the season.  Top with whipped cream served from the whipped cream dispenser to ensure enough cream is added. You can even sneak a bit of liqueur into the cream before attaching the cream chargers to aerate.
Excellent alternatives for this recipe are to combine a mix of soft fruit such as blackcurrants, blackberries and cherries instead of blueberries which make a scrumptious change.  Variations such as this are excellent options and can be used according to preference and, of course, season.
Another exciting version is to use tropical fruits such as pineapple, mango and kiwi to provide a feel of paradise to your dessert but the most essential ingredient to remember is, of course, the whipped cream.  But don’t forget to add a touch of rum to this version, then you will really appreciate and create a tropical sensation for all to enjoy.  Just watch your friends come back for more!

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If we suspect you intend to misuse our products the Cheeky Monkey will refuse to sell to you.

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