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0.25L Cream Whipper - Silver

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Product Description

0.25 L Silver metal whipped cream dispenser with plastic head designed for use with all standard 8gm cream chargers.  

If you are unfamiliar with using a whipped cream dispenser from making whipped cream then this small (0.25 L) whipped will be ideal for an introduction. To use it is as easy as filling and then charging it up with Nitrous Oxide by simply attaching a single 8gm cream charger. The N2O gas inflates the cream to approx. 3-times its original size – so even this small dispenser can produce over one pint of product.

The small size of this device makes it really handy for outdoor dining in your garden or at events. The plastic head is light and perfect for home use or small-scale catering. For professional use we think that the “Pro Whipper Dispenser” is more suitable with its heavy duty metal head.

Moving parts are catering grade stainless steel and rubber seals and gaskets are made from hard-wearing silicone. This product is not designed for use with hot ingredients – only use cold or room temperature liquids.

Cream chargers are sold separately | Not for sale to under 18s | Not dishwasher compatible | Only for use with 8gm N2O refills (not 16gm)

  • Brushed metal pressure bottle
  • Plastic Dispensing head
  • Hard-wearing stainless steel moving parts
  • Silicone gaskets
  • Makes over one pint of whipped cream per filling
  • Only for use with 8gm cream chargers
  • Easy to clean surface.
  • Small size (230mm)

OVER 18's ONLY - This product is not for sale to under 18's.
MISUSE - We will refuse to sell to you if we suspect you intend to misuse our products.

Fruit Fritters with Sauce and Whipped Cream
Why not use your new cream chargers for a sneaking some healthy fruit into your diet? A definite favourite with the children and it does not matter what fruit is used. Bananas are often popular and it is also a way to make sure that your children get their much needed fruit. It does not matter how many children are sitting around your table since this dessert is renowned to bring a much needed silence to meal time. To add to the allure of the fritter, just try placing whipped cream on the top of it and pouring over caramel sauce. Just looking at this dessert can make any mouth water with anticipation.
To serve four people just follow this recipe.
As bananas are the most popular fruit for this dish, we will use this fruit.
Four large bananas halved and sliced longways.
Two tablespoons of lime juice
Cooking oil
Make the batter by mixing together
Four ounces of self raising flour
One beaten egg
Half a cup of milk
Two tablespoons of caster sugar
Finally the white of one egg
When mixed together in a bowl it should be allowed to stand for ten minutes before dipping the bananas into the mixture and frying them. Each serving should be topped with whipped cream that will produce a dessert that would grace any meal table. The whipping of the cream can be carried out by hand but it is advisable to make use of a whipped cream dispenser. This will ensure that the results are perfect every time and remove any inconsistencies in the mixture that could occur if the manual method is used.
A sauce topping is obviously optional but gives a finishing touch to a fine dessert. One sauce that is proven to be popular with children and adults alike is caramel sauce.  This enhances the taste of the fritters and adds sweetness to the cream as prepared with the cream chargers.
Caramel sauce is made by using.
Four ounces of sugar
Half a cup of water
Half a cup of double cream
For the adults around the table, two tablespoons of whisky can be added but this is up to the chef.
To obtain the required golden mixture, the sugar should be poured in to the water in a saucepan and cooked over a low heat stirring regularly is advised until the sugar is completely dissolved. When the mixture comes to the boil the heat should be reduced and it should be allowed to simmer for about five minutes without stirring. When the five minutes is passed, the mixture should be removed from the heat and then the cream and whisky can be stirred in. Next the pan should be returned to the heat and stirred until the required consistency is achieved.
After the sauce is cooled it can be poured over the whipped cream. Whether the cream is spread on the fritters or piped, is entirely up to the chef but piping can add a final touch to this dessert.  However, once it is placed on the table it will not last very long. Note that when prepared using nitrous oxide, cream chargers then the aeration will not last as long as when manually prepared – so make and use immediately.


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If we suspect you intend to misuse our products the Cheeky Monkey will refuse to sell to you.

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