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360 Cream Chargers


360 Cream Chargers


Our 360 cream charger packs are perfect for large catering events and catering establishments to serve large-scale whipping needs. Ideal for commercial or trade use, providing a lower cost per charger for your business.

360 Cream Charger Packs


Our 360 cream charger packs, due to their size are perfect for commercial use. Ideal for large catering events and establishments to turn drinks and desserts on their heads. Get more creative and add life to a whole selection of sweet treats with our 360 cream charger packs. Available with next day delivery when ordered before 5.30pm.


Our 360 cream charger packs alongside the 600 bulk cream chargers are ideal for trade use, while the rest of our cream chargers are available for non-commercial use. If you’re looking for smaller quantities please check out our 24, 48, 96, 144, 192 and 240 cream charger packs.

Larger Packs. Lower Prices.


All of our cream chargers, including this box of 360 8g Cream Chargers, contain several litres of pure nitrous oxide - capable of creating tonnes of whipped cream for any occasion! 


All of our whipped cream chargers are simple, efficient and a joy to use! It only takes a few seconds to refill and recharge your cream charger dispenser with more whipped cream magic.


Available in a suite of premium brands, indulge in our 360 cream charger packs from Mosa, Liss, iSi, Pro Whip, and the brand new Pro Whip + and Mosa Pro.


Why stop there? As a passionate cream and catering supplier, we stock everything you need to take your cooking, baking and drink-making skills to the next level. Coffee, hot chocolate, Monin syrups, coffee makers, we do it all.


Cream Charger Safety Information


For Over 18s ONLY:

Cream chargers are not for sale to under 18s.

MISUSE: We will refuse to sell whipped (N2O) cream charger to you if we suspect you intend to misuse them or are under 18.


Cream Charger Recycling Information:

All of our cream chargers supplied are made from 100% recyclable steel. It is important that you ensure that your cartridge is fully empty before removing it from your charger. Please do not dispose of unused cartridges.

Due to cream chargers being 100% recyclable steel, we encourage all our customers to recycle them along with other steel items. They can be recycled alongside items such as tins, cans and other steel items.


Storing and Handling Cream Chargers:

Please ensure for your safety that your cream chargers are stored properly, you can find instructions on how to do so on the package.

Please take the utmost care when handling your whipped cream chargers, the metal turns extremely cold if punctured. Alternatively, if you suffer a high-pressure gas burn, its imperative you seek medical attention immediately.

If you have any more safety or use questions on our whipped cream chargers please do not hesitate to get in touch with us through email or through our social media.