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8.5g Cream Chargers


Purchase 8.5g Cream Chargers Online

Taste Revolution supplies a premium selection of affordable, easy-to-use cream chargers filled with up to 8.5g of pure nitrous oxide (N2O).

These cream chargers contain up to 8.5g of N2O, yielding up to 20% more cream contents. Producing more than the standard 8g cream charger, our 8.5g cream chargers are the ideal choice for commercial businesses such as kitchens, cafes, restaurants and more.

8.5g cream chargers are known for their ability to produce light and fluffy whipped cream, easily and hassle-free. Additionally, 8.5 cream chargers have other uses such as infusion and creating epsumas.

8.5 Cream Charger Manufacturers

Taste Revolution supplies 8.5g cream chargers from brands such as Mosa Pro. Each 8.5g cream charger we provide is made from 100% recyclable steel, with a rustproof nickel coating to prevent rusting.

8.5g Cream Charger Quantities

Here at Taste Revolution we provide 8.5g cream chargers in all the sizes you’ve come to know and love, 24, 48, 96, 144, 192, 240 and 360. We also provide larger quantities for trade, discover our range of wholesale 600 cream chargers.

Available for both individual and commercial use, we provide 8.5g cream chargers with next day delivery when you order before 5:30pm.