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88g CO2


88g CO2

Purchase 88g CO2 Cartridge Capsules Online


Taste Revolution provides 88g CO2 Cartridges for use in CO2 Soda Syphons to transform flat, standard drinks into something a bit more exciting and bubbly. Each 88g CO2 Cartridge contains 88 grams of 100% pure CO2 (carbon dioxide). 


We also have a mixture of both threaded and non-threaded 88g CO2 Cartridges for sale from premium brands such as Pro Fizz, Liss and iSi.


CO2 Chargers should not be confused with N2O Cream Canisters or N2 Nitro Chargers. Each product utilises a specific gas for its own designated use, please make sure to purchase the correct cartridge for your needs.


If youre looking for a replacement cartridge for your CO2 Syphon, discover our range of 88g CO2 Cartridge Capsules for sale online.