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If you're looking to learn a new and exciting culinary skill then look no further than our latest guide! This guide to infusing teaches you how to quickly infuse flavour into alcohols, oils, vinegars and much more using cream chargers. You'll also find helpful hints and tips on the perfect flavours and liquids for infusing to discover new and exciting flavour combinations!
A deliciously indulgent dish, perfect for a lazy weekend brunch or breakfast, this decadent French toast recipe features sweet bananas and salty caramel for a seductive mix of flavours that will have you going back for seconds!
A deliciously fruity and fragrant cocktail with a pastel pink hue that's perfect for enjoying over the Easter period! This decadent yet simple cocktail recipe is the ideal tipple for garden parties as the warmer weather rolls in!
The perfect gift for Mother's Day, these cupcakes are a light and fluffy teatime treat. Delicious and super quick and easy to make, these little cakes feature a strawberry jam centre and a beautiful lavender cream topping that pair beautifully!
Celebrate St Patrick's Day in style with this sweet continental twist on an Irish favourite! Silky smooth creme brulee whipped cream tops a traditional Irish coffee in this quick and delicious recipe that will have you feeling as lucky as the Irish all day (and night!)
A traditional British dessert with a tasty modern twist, this delicious Bakewell tart is accompanied by a silky cherry-flavoured whipped cream to make it extra moreish! Featuring the beautiful pairing of cherry and almond, teatime treat is a classic for a reason!
Celebrate Pancake Day the right way with this delicious pancake stack! With this quick and easy recipe you can create fabulously fluffy pancakes with all the trimmings, and if our toppings aren't to your liking, this recipe is easily customisable! Get flipping!
Create delicious chicken nuggets even the colonel would be proud of with this quick and easy recipe! And don't forget to whip up the silky gravy foam for that classic guilty pleasure pairing we all know and love!
Plenty of strawberries leftover from Valentine's Day? We have the perfect recipe to put them to use! This sweet and fragrant dish features an elderflower foam which compliments the classic taste of the strawberry for a rounded and delicious flavour!
Treat yourself to an Italian classic with this deliciously indulgent authentic calzone recipe! You can get creative and fill your calzones with whatever toppings you like, but we recommend finishing them off with our spicy green chilli oil spread to add extra flavour to this perfect dish!
A modern twist on a comforting classic, this aerated mushroom soup will excite your taste buds and is the perfect accompaniment to salads, meat, and vegetable dishes, as well as being a delicious dish in it's own right which can be enjoyed alone or with a slice of crusty bread! You can also customise this dish easily to suit your diet, so you don't have to give up on Veganuary!
This ridiculously quick and easy recipe is the perfect way to break your January diet! Featuring the classic sweet and salty combination of peanut butter and rich dark chocolate, these sumptuously light and creamy cakes can be made by anyone with just a few simple ingredients!
Check out this informative guide to learn more about the different types of foam and what they can all be used for. With some surprising revelations, we'll uncover which everyday foods are actually classed as foams! This guide is perfect for anyone who loves cooking with foams and wants to find out more about this exciting gastronomic element that can elevate a dish from ordinary to extraordinary!
The perfect way to start the new year, this indulgent breakfast dish will invigorate you and leave you raring to go! Featuring crispy bacon, fresh buttered English muffins, delicious poached eggs and a silky and sumptuous honey hollandaise foam, this recipe is perfect for enjoying as a weekend brunch treat.
A classic and beloved cocktail with a delicious modern twist, this recipe will teach you how to create the perfect drink for yourself and your party guests on New Year's Eve! A traditional mojito recipe made exciting with the inclusion of cubes of frozen apple flavoured foam, this tipple is the ultimate in boozy refreshment and the flavour can be customised to suit your personal taste!
This delicious tart is the perfect dessert for the festive period and is packed full of wintery flavours to warm your taste buds and delight your senses. Featuring figs infused with brandy encased in a classic tasty almond tart, this sumptuous treat can be enjoyed with friends and family at Christmas gatherings and parties or even just watching Christmas films at home!
A silky and sumptuous favourite for chocolate lovers the world over, the hot chocolate is a classic staple of the festive season that simply cannot be missed! This delicious recipe teaches you how to make your very own rich hot chocolate from the comfort of your own home, complete with velvety smooth dark chocolate whipped cream! An infinitely customisable recipe, you can add or change any ingredients you'd like to make this drink perfect and unique for you!

These velvety rich chocolate tarts have the added seasonal warmth of sweet and spicy ginger. Perfect for enjoying on dark wintery nights, these sumptuous small desserts will delight your senses and leave your taste buds tingling, plus the recipe makes six, meaning you can enjoy with friends and family!

A seasonal delight full of nostalgic and comforting flavours, this rich, nutty and deliciously chocolatey torte will evoke memories of Autumns and Winters past and have you dreaming of German Christmas markets and the festive period. A simple and quick recipe, this bake is ideal for making to enjoy with friends and family while wrapped in cosy blankets!
This delicious recipe brings you all the delicious flavours and aromas of two of the world's most beloved cocktails wrapped up in the sweet and sumptuous form of a delightful cupcake. Although this treat is definitely for adults only, you can substitute the alcohol for a non-alcoholic syrup for children and those who don't drink alcohol to enjoy!
If you've ever wondered how to correctly dispose of your cream chargers then Taste Revolution has all the help and advice you need in this handy guide! Find out more about cream chargers, how to safely dispose of them, and how and where to recycle them in our latest blog piece!
A quick and easy way to get your sweet fix, this light, fresh and delicious raspberry mousse can be made in minutes! Perfect for parties, dinner with friends, or even as a late night treat for yourself, this dessert can be made in bulk and served at once or refrigerated and saved for later; it's perfect for any occasion!
Delicious and traditional curry and modern gastronomy combine here to create a beef curry foam dish which will knock your socks off! The perfectly cooked, juicy and tender beef marries perfectly with the light and aromatic curry to create a well-rounded and rich taste sensation. You won't want to miss this one!
This delicious cupcake recipe is ridiculously easy and fun to make and will satisfy your sweet cravings in no time! Featuring fluffy and moist cupcakes with a rich marmalade filling, and a funky swirl of silky smooth, orange infused whipped cream, these cupcakes are the perfect party treat - and their orange colour is ideal for the Halloween season!
This delicious recipe will evoke nostalgic feelings and memories of the funfair with it's wonderfully sweet fairground flavours. Featuring delectable doughnuts, a silky cotton candy infused whipped cream, and a sumptuous popcorn syrup drizzle, this mouth-watering recipe is sure to fill you with joy!
If you're unsure of how long whipped cream can be used before it goes bad, how best to store it, or how to keep it fresh and delicious for longer, this blog has all the helpful hints and tips you need to ensure you get the best out of your whipped cream and can teach you how to keep your whipped cream creations edible for up to 14 days!
If you're looking to experiment and add some excitement to your whipped cream creations then Taste Revolution has got you covered! This blog will teach you how to make whipped cream with a whipping dispenser and cream chargers, and features lots of delicious recipes and ideas for making the most flavourful and decadent whipped creams for all your drinks, cocktails, and desserts!
Offering a sweet and succulent meat alternative, this recipe is perfect for vegetarians, but we guarantee meat-eaters will also love it! The rich, meaty taste of perfectly cooked aubergine steaks combine with sweet miso and a delectable cream charger-crafted honey foam to create this heavenly, guilt-free dish.
Delve into the world of gastronomy with this Decontructed Mojito recipe! Featuring a white rum and mint granita, lime jelly, and mint sugar candy, this recipe breaks down the classic mojito into three aesthetic elements which can be enjoyed together or separately!
This recipe explores the classic combination of peach and almond flavours while adding a fragrant twist in the form of basil leaves! A perfect summertime treat, the mouth-watering combination of sweet, bitter, and fragrant flavours here will leave you running back for seconds!
If you're looking to delve into the world of gastronomy foams, this guide can help steer you in the right direction and set you on course to create amazing culinary delights! Featuring helpful information on the best modernist ingredients to use, including tips for vegan friendly alternatives, and details on how to create culinary foams.
A tangy and tart twist on a longstanding classic, this simple hibiscus pavlova recipe is the perfect summer treat for all your warm-weather events. Featuring silky hibiscus infused cream and vibrant, naturally coloured, show-stopping pavlovas, you won't want to miss out on this delicious dessert!

Unsure what the difference is between a soda charger and a cream charger? Taste Revolution is here to help! Find out how to use both kinds of charger, what they can be used for, and how they work by checking out our blog post!

Looking to expand your coffee knowledge and skills? Look no further, our complete guide to nitro coffee introduces you to this delicious coffee trend and even helps you create your own from home!
A rich and creamy mushroom risotto topped with Parmesan foam, this recipe is a must for any comfort food enthusiast. Taken up a notch with the use of cream chargers, this recipe is definitely one to try if you're looking to put your foaming skills to the test!
Develop your foaming skills with this beautiful recipe that doesn't just impress but is also full of nutrition.  
Simple, delicious and requiring no baking, this lemon icebox cake is a must recipe for the summer. Featuring tangy lemon curd, rich ice cream and vanilla wafers, this cake will make a sweet addition to your garden parties this summer!
Learn a new culinary skill with our Cream Whippers guide! Make personalised whipped cream or rapidly infuse your favourite flavours into spirits or even oils! This versatile kitchen gadget will provide the best recipe answers for all your creations.
A fan of the classic margarita? Then you'll love our fruity foam twist that really takes this cocktail up a notch. Check out our blog post to see how you can recreate it and impress your guests this summer!
Want to know more about foams? Whether you're interested in creating your own or just curious about the process, our blog piece is the perfect place to get some introductory knowledge.
Everything you need to know about Nitrous Oxide including the history, how it is made and lots of interesting facts!
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