buy nitrous oxide
Buy Nitrous Oxide

We sell small 8gm canisters containing about 2 litres of Nitrous Oxide under great pressure in a charger that is only a few centimetres long. The portability of these makes them ideal for use in rocket motors.

When you buy nitrous oxide pressurised inside the cream chargers there is more than one use for the gas…. So if you feel like experimenting with NOS then read on.

Nitrous oxide is also used as a component in rocket fuels – it acts as the oxidising agent. To understand what this you need to know a bit of simple chemistry, when a fuel burns it is oxidising or reacting with oxygen. The more oxygen you can get to the fuel the quicker it will release its energy. This is why when you blow on a fire the flames get higher and also why smoking inside an oxygen tent is a big no-no. When nitrous oxide is heated it releases its oxygen and allows it to react with the fuel.

This is the theory behind the use of Nitrous chargers in car engines – note that these are mixed with toxic chemicals so don’t try whipping any cream with an automotive NOS kit! – but the beauty of the cream chargers is their size. They are tiny and light but contain quite a lot of Nitrous oxide gas.

The difficult part is releasing the Nitrous buy a controlled fashion – as soon as you pierce the canister it will escape. We have come across two designs for controlling the release.

  • This method releases the Nitrous Oxide and immediately ignites it – the fuel is also the trigger and helps push a pin into the nitrous charger. Read more about it and get a full set of instructions here
  • This second method pierces the charger and holds it inside a pressure vessel – in much the same way you release it into the cream whipper - until it is time to ignite it. There is a full kit available here for this method.
Please be careful with both of these methods if you try experimenting – follow the guidelines and instructions carefully. We accept no responsibilty for the safety of these methods so please check with the manufacturers of these producst for any safety information.

    buy nitrous oxide
    Buy Nitrous Oxide

    The nitrous oxide sold in cream chargers is 100% pure for human consumption. It is sold as a whipped cream propellant for use with whipped cream dispensers.

    The primary reason for the selection of this gas for use in whipping cream is related to its chemical interaction with the fat molecules within the cream - there are some interesting experiments that you can try at home to demonstrate these properties.

    There are other uses for it due to the chemical properties of the Nitrous Oxide gas most notably as an oxidizing agent in mini rocket motors. We advise caution in any off-label uses of the product and cannot condone it but have included some interesting reference materials for your information.

    Here at Cheeky Monkey Cream Chargers we also like our customers to take an interest in the products we buy so you might also be interested to read a little about the history and discovery on the gas - Joseph Priestley in the year 1772. The amazing man Priestly as well as synthesizing N2O also discovered Oxygen and Sulphur Dioxide - which means without him then the earth's atmosphere would have an entirely different composition.

    As well as its numerous practical applications we feel it is important to note that N2O is a powerful greenhouse gas and a significant contributor to global warming. The majority of the gas present in the atmosphere is in fact either naturally occurring or from an industrial/agricultural source but the small 8gm chargers will also play their part so please use them responsibly.


    Please be aware of the dangers involved when dealing with pressurized gases always read the hazardous materials information that is printed on the side of the packaging box your cream chargers will arrive in.

    Do not be tempted to experiment with inhaling the gas - it has both long term and short term negative effects upon your health.