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CO2 Cartridges


CO2 Cartridges For Cooking, Soda, Bikes and Much More


CO2 Cartridges or ‘CO2 Chargers’ are essentially the ‘fuel’ for your Soda Syphons. Our CO2 Cartridges are available in a distinct range of sizes, including 12g, 16g, 38g, 45g and 88g - with also a blend of both threaded and non-threaded CO2 Cartridges for all your fizzy drink needs.


The CO2 Cartridges we sell are compatible with all Soda Syphons that use the universal system, including Mosa, iSi and Liss. 

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CO2 can be utilised for a multitude of cooking scenarios, food preparation, deep freezing and as it’s most famously known, a propellant for carbonated drinks. Making CO2 Cartridges an excellent partner in creating fantastical modernist creations. 


CO2 Cartridges should not be confused with N2O Cream Chargers - CO2 Cartridges are used for infusing life into flat drinks, while N2O Chargers are useful for creating whipped cream, sauces, creams, and espumas. 

If you’re looking for a top-up for your Soda Syphon, you’ve come to the right place. Explore our range of CO2 Cartridges for sale at great prices, and if you order before 5.30pm your order will be eligible for next day delivery.