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CO2 Inflators

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Inflate Bike & Car Tyres With CO2 Tyre Inflator Kits

We provide a range of CO2 tyre inflator kits suitable for inflating car and bike tyres on the go. Our CO2 tyre inflator kits are compact, lightweight and extremely simple to use. We also provide replacement CO2 cartridges alongside our CO2 tyre inflator kits to ensure you never run out.

To use, simply screw the CO2 cartridge into the tyre inflator kit and push onto the valve of the tyre (car or bike). Controlled by a spring release, you can control the rate at which the CO2 comes out by applying more or less pressure. 

Inflate your tyres in seconds with our range of CO2 tyre inflators.

Next-Day UK Delivery on CO2 Tyre Inflator Kits & Cartridges

And when you purchase your CO2 tyre inflator kits and cartridges before 5:30pm, you’re eligible for next working day delivery. 

Order CO2 tyre inflators and cartridges online today to ensure a speedy fix on the go.