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A soda syphon adds a degree of retro sophistication to any event with a squirt of seltzer from your soda syphon any drink can be improved by the addition of a bit of fizz.


Don't risk boring drinks - get a sparkle on with our expansive range of soda syphon bottles. Infused with little bubbles of CO2 your drink can be completely transformed from flat to full of life in seconds!


Even the likes of normal tap water are drastically improved when it’s been at the mercy of our magical soda syphon bottles. And due to the CO2 only being slightly soluble in water, it bubbles out again but with an acidic taste to infuse a bit of tang once you have soda syphoned it.


Use Soda Syphons To Transform Flat Drinks


If you’re looking for a top-up for your soda syphon, we also sell the necessary ‘fuel’ right here at Taste Revolution. Explore our range of CO2 Cartridges or ‘Soda Syphon Cartridges’ to make sure the fun doesn’t stop.

Give an extra kick to water, fizzy drinks, even cocktails! Browse our range of CO2 syphon bottles today and order before 5.30 pm to be eligible for next day delivery.