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We've got heaps of recipes, they can be broken down into three categories:
  1. Recipes for use with cream chargers and dispensers  - here
  2. Molecular Gastronomy Recipes for playing with modernist cuisine - here
  3. Molecular Mixology Recipes, for experimental cocktails - here
  To be able to make many of the recipes you're going to need cream chargers, whippers or molecular kits. There are of course some recipes that need nothing quite so fancy, and you might just be looking not cooking - which of course you are more than welcome to do. Cooking Link Central: Looking for the right recipe can be a nightmare - after all who can you trust? Do the celebrity recipe sites really update that frequently - or are there interns sitting in an office somewhere - just typing away in between being sent out to fetch the cups of tea?

molecular-gastronomy kits
Molecular-gastronomy kits.

The best way to assess a recipe is to learn a bit about the science of cooking - for every task, brown, boil, fry there is a reason why you are doing it that way - and it is all a matter of chemistry (and a bit of physics) The same goes for every ingredient that you use - they have been selected because of their chemistry ... yes, that's correct - not for the flavour - but for the chemistry - after all, what is flavour if it is not molecules - and what explains molecules if it is not chemistry...

molecullar mixology
Of course there is art too - but at Cooking Link Central, we think that the science very much comes first!! After you understand that you can develop the arty side of things ... Because man cannot live on food alone - we're going to be developing recipes that delve into the world of molecular mixology too (they're really fancy cocktails but we like the name... The whole mix of science and food can really play with flavours and more importantly textures to create amazing gastronomical experiences... rely upon cooking link central to hunt down the right recipes for you!