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Cream Deluxe

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Cream Deluxe Cream Charger Cylinders

Cream Deluxe Cylinders enable commercial and at home kitchens to create industry standard whipped cream, delicious molecular gastronomy foams or flavoursome cocktails with rapid infusion. These larger tanks come in either the standard Cream Deluxe stainless steel model or the lighter Cream Deluxe Gold aluminium model and are filled with 615g of pure nitrous oxide. 


Reduce waste compared to standard cream chargers while increasing productivity and profit with a pressure regulator that enables fast turn around, perfect for a busy commercial kitchen that needs fast recipe yield. Cream Deluxe is available in various quantities including 1,2 or 3 tanks, the pressure regulator or a whipped cream dispenser is also available to purchase with the Cream Deluxe cylinder. Each tank comes with a pressure release nozzle to check that the tank is empty, ready for recycling. Purchase now with next day delivery and enjoy a new way to experience cream chargers and culinary creation.