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Cream Deluxe Canister Manufacturers Instructions

Cream Deluxe

H270 - May cause or intensify fire; Oxidant 

H280 - Contains gas under pressure; May explode in very warm temperatures. 

H336 - May cause drowsiness and dizziness. 


P103 - Read label before use. 

P220 - Keep and store away from flammable materials 

P244 - Keep reduction valves and equipment free of oil and grease. 

P370 - P376 - In case of fire: prevent the gas from leaking if possible. 

P304 - P340 + P315 - IN INHALED: Take victim outside and allow to be in fresh air. Keep at rest in a position that’s comfortable for breathing. Seek medical advice immediately. 

P403: Store only in a well-ventilated place. 

Asphxyiant in high concentration. Contact with LPG may cause burns. 



Nitrous oxide, E942, 

For foaming whipped cream with cream whipper only (pressure tested, 30bar)


Maximum quantity: 8g to 500ml cream 

Best Before: 3 years after production date 


Do Not Refill 

Instructions For Use 

Screw the pressure regulator with the quick connector onto the bottle and tighten with your hands. Repeat several times if no gas comes out. When the bottle is empty, unscrew and remove the pressure regulator and dispose of the bottle with other ferrous materials. Do not allow the bottle contents to leak into the environment.