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Cream Whippers

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Cream Whipper

The cream whipper is the essential component of the nitrous oxide, whipped cream making system. They are also referred to as whipped cream dispensers – which is perhaps a more accurate description because a “cream whipper” can also refer to the traditional balloon whisk or even the electric food mixer with whipping attachments.
There are three things to consider when selecting which of the Cheeky Monkey’s dispensers is the right one for you.
  • Firstly and most importantly – are you intending to use it with 8gm or 16gm whipped cream chargers? The majority of our whipper dispensers are intended for use with the standard 8gm size of charger. If you are using 16gm chargers then you really should get the large 1 Litre size which is specially designed with that size in mind.
  • What quality of dispenser are you looking for? Our cheaper products have more plastic components so are not going to last you as long if you are a frequent creamer – consider purchasing one with a “metal head” if you really want it to last. The professional quality cream whippers are exactly that and are much easier to clean and sterilise as well as being able to stand up to the rigors and abuse that they might receive in a professional catering environment.
  • Which colour do you want? Not as important as the other two factors but still worthy of consideration!
All of the styles we stock will serve you well and all will produce identical qualities of whipped cream. If you are an ambitious gastronome then the metal professional style will give you the ability to make hot or cold preparations, which is important because many molecular recipes or foams require the ingredients to be combined within the dispenser whilst they are still warm – even if they will eventually be dispensed as a cold food.

How to use a cream whipper:

Cream Whipper Instructions

cream whipper instructions
  1. Add ingredients to be whipped
  2. Assemble the cream whipper
  3. Charge the whipper with the correct amount of Nitrous Oxide - normally 8gm per 500ml of liquid - but can vary depending upon your needs.
  4. Screw down the charger to release the gas into the whipper (listen for hiss)
  5. Agitate, invert and serve (be gentle with the trigger!)
You can download instructions for use of a cream whipper here (these instructions are specific to the stainless steel, professional whippers)

If in doubt about which style is right for you – then do not hesitate to contact the Cheeky Monkey!

cream whipper

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