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Disposable Clear Piping Bags (Roll of 80 Bags)

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A piping bag is a versatile addition to any kitchen, providing myriad ways to prepare and serve a variety of dishes. These disposable piping bags can be adjusted to suit any size nozzle and work with a variety of different foods. They are heat resistant, so you can heat them up to melt ingredients rather than having to spoon sticky or gooey substances into the bag. 


They are designed to be super strong, yet still flexible enough to use with any filling from mashed potato to icing and everything in between. Any serious cake decorator will probably have tried a few different types of piping bags, but these ones have consistently performed better than fabric bags as they are strong and flexible, but can also be heated and cooled according to any recipe.


One major benefit to having a roll of 80 piping bags on hand is that it makes it easy to create dishes that need more than one piped ingredient. This is ideal for cake makers who might be working with a variety of different colours or types of icing and can be a boon when preparing batches of the same thing that all need decorating separately. 


These food-grade piping bags can be used to create a variety of different effects, from simply drizzling icing over biscuits or pastries to intricate designs requiring multiple nozzles and colours. Expert cake decorators can achieve impressive results with even the simplest designs and a strong and reliable icing bag is the key to their success. Strong and pliable bags make it much easier to control the flow of whatever is in the bag, allowing the chef to focus on getting consistent shapes and patterns. 


Other things to do with a piping bag

Most people associate piping bags with decorating cakes, but there are plenty of things that a creative chef can do with a piping bag and a little ingenuity.  There are plenty of simple ways to use a piping bag such as filling it with pancake batter and using it to make perfect mini pancakes. This is also a great way to make unusual shapes such as letters, and its easy to mix different batters for multi-coloured pancakes and making patterns. 


If youre making cupcakes, a piping bag can come in handy a lot earlier than you might think. Filling a piping bag with cake mixture makes it really easy to dispense evenly sized and shaped cupcakes into cases with no need to wrestle with multiple spoons, trying to scrape sticky substances into paper cases. While they cook, you can make some icing in another bag resulting in the quickest and easiest cupcakes ever.


This technique can work for a variety of filled foods as well piping bags are a great way to deliver a consistent amount of a filling into anything from stuffed pasta to croissants. Simply load up your bag with anything, from bolognese sauce to a smooth jam filling, and squeeze. 


Perhaps the most impressive trick to try with a piping bag is to squeeze out something special in the way of mashed potato: you can mix your mash with cheese, herbs or just milk and butter and then load up your piping bag. Using a star-shaped nozzle will give you lovely crispy edges to your mash, but you can just make smooth swirls onto a tray before baking in the oven for a rich golden crust. 


A piping bag is a really easy way to add a touch of elegance to any dish, from delicate butter stars served with your bread to an elaborate topping on a centrepiece dessert. 

  • Size:
    18 inch (218mm x 458mm)
  • Heat Capability:
    Heat resistant up to 95 degrees Celsius
  • Thickness:
    75 micron
  • Brand:
    Special Ingredients
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