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Disposable Pink Piping Bags (Roll of 80 Bags)

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Heat Resistant Extra Strong Pink Piping Bags (21 inch / 53cm) (Roll of 80 Bags



A piping bag may look simple, but it is the key to some of the most impressive looking dishes around. It is a staple for any cake baker that wants to achieve consistent results without getting completely covered in sticky ingredients, and these extra strong piping bags are up for even the toughest jobs.  


As with most practical tasks, making beautiful cakes and pastries relies significantly on having the right equipment to hand. Sometimes this can mean having a well-calibrated oven that provides even heat, but it can be as simple as having a piping bag on hand when you need one. This simple piece of kit is ideal for a range of jobs that need a steady hand and consistent results and you can achieve all this with a piping bag and a little practice. 


Pastry chefs will appreciate the value of being able to dispense exactly the right amount of a filling, topping or decoration at any stage of the cooking process. Trying to spoon sweet, sticky sauces onto a sheet of pastry can be a tricky business unless you have the right tools and a piping bag can take a lot of the stress out of the preparation process. 


You can use a piping bag to add elegant touches to any dish by using it to drizzle sauces, sculpt purees or just use it to make dainty butter stars to serve with bread. You can put a new twist on an old favourite by piping mash onto the top of shepherds pie, or even just onto the plate.


Using piping bags for a range of jobs


Making cupcakes is easier than ever with a couple of piping bags. Use the first one to dispense your batter into the cases for even and mess-free cakes. Then, fill a second piping bag with your icing of choice and squeeze a swirl out on each cake once theyre cooled. You can avoid some of the classic issues that you normally get when dealing with icing and end up with incredible looking cakes.


These extra strong piping bags are designed to be used easily by anyone, from beginners to experts, and they are strong enough to use with even the most substantial mixtures. These extra strong piping bags are ideal for your thickest concoctions, from fudge and thick icing to cookie dough and even pastry. 


For chocolatiers, these piping bags are ideal as they are heat resistant to 95 degrees centigrade, so you can melt the chocolate in the bag and pipe directly onto whatever you are decorating. No more mess trying to transfer hot chocolate into a bag and theres no need to work in small batches in order to prevent it hardening as you can simply reheat the bag as you go and keep your mixture at the perfect consistency.


These bags can also be chilled, so they are ideal for use when its hot in the kitchen and you want to ensure that your piping mixture isnt melting into a mess. Its also great for preparing ahead as you can fill your piping bags with whatever you want, in different colours or flavours, then stash them in the fridge until you are ready to decorate. 


Made from 75 micron thick, food-grade plastic, these piping bags are large and strong enough to handle whatever you are cooking. From huge batches of cookies to an elaborately decorated centrepiece cake, these piping bags are sturdy enough to withstand a lot of manipulation, so theyre the perfect addition to any well-appointed kitchen. 

  • Size:
    21 inch (53cm)
  • Heat Capability:
    Heat resistant up to 95 degrees Celsius
  • Thickness:
    75 micron
  • EAN:
  • GTIN:
  • MPN:
  • Brand:
    Special Ingredients
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  • Weight:
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