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Fast Gas

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Fast Gas Cream Chargers

Fast gas cream chargers are a revolutionary way for commercial and at home kitchens to efficiently create industry standard gastronomy foams and whipped cream. Their new and improved cream charger system enables the 580g tank to be attached to a metal 500ml whipping cream dispenser using a pressure regulator which allows you to control the pressure in the whipping dispenser for the best results. Save on time and storage space with each tank equating to 72.5 standard cream chargers. Quickly and efficiently carry out recipes, from savoury to sweet desserts with a large yield without having to replace your standard 8g cream charger, great for busy catering professionals. 


Fast Gas cream chargers adhere to European rules and regulations as well as being made from stainless steel which is recyclable where programs exist. Available in multiple quantities 1, 2 or 3, choose from the drop down to include a pressure regulator hose or Pro Whip whipping dispenser. Buy a Fast Gas canister online at Taste Revolution and experience a new culinary cream charger revolution.