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Food Moulds


Silicone Food Moulds Online


Browse our deluxe range of food moulds including reusable silicone food moulds. From rectangle, sphere and hemisphere silicone food moulds to ice cube trays and a giant ice ball maker, we have the ultimate range of food moulds available.


Our food moulds are made from 100% food-quality silicone. On top of this all silicone food moulds are non-stick, dishwasher and temperature safe, and are HACCP approved. Discover exceptional quality in our food moulds suitable for restaurants, bars, cafes and foodies. 

Next-Day UK Delivery on Silicone Food Moulds


When you place your order for silicone food moulds before 5:30pm you are eligible to get your order delivered the very next working day. 


As well as silicone food moulds, we provide a wide range of baking utensils and accessories. Whether you’re looking for reusable silicone baking mats, kitchen measuring tools, or our premium selection of N2O Cream Chargers


Order silicone food moulds online today to improve the presentation and quality of your dishes.