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Food Stabilisers & Emulsifiers


Food Stabilisers & Emulsifiers for Professional Catering


Food stabilisers/emulsifiers are an additive that is added to food in order to help it maintain its structure, shape and textures. Not just a stabiliser, our food emulsifiers also work to improve the taste and texture of certain products. 


Our food stabilisers are suited for a whole range of preparations, most notably used to prevent; water and oil emulsions from separating and fruit from settling in food such as jam. However, the most notable use of emulsifiers is within ice cream, preventing ice crystals from forming in frozen foods. 


Our food emulsifiers can be used to stabilise all kinds of foods with a fat content of between 4-14%. 

Next-Day UK Delivery on Food Stabilisers & Emulsifiers


If you place your order of food emulsifiers before 5:30pm, you will receive your stabilisers the very next working day. 


Food stabilisers are great products in their own right, but are further complemented by a mixture of drink ingredients. From topping sauces to dessert toppings and flavouring syrups, maintain and enhance your favourite drinks and desserts.


Order food stabilisers and emulsifiers online today and better maintain cohesive textures and structures.