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Giant Ice Cube Tray

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Giant Ice Cube Trays

Ice is the kind of ubiquitous substance that you see around so often its easy to take it for granted. Frozen water may not seem that exciting, but ice has a number of unusual properties that have earned it a place at any event. 


In countries with hotter climates, ice is an essential tool in the battle to keep cool, and in colder climes, ice is an essential part of every day life. For thousands of years, ice has been used to preserve food, to reduce swelling and bruising when injured and to reduce skin irritation. Until recently, ice has been a commodity that has had to be bought and sold in climates where it doesnt occur naturally. The proliferation of domestic freezers has made ice so easy to come by that its easy to overlook its importance in all our lives


Ice in drinks

For most people, an iced drink is a treat, especially when its warm outside. From soft drinks and smoothies to cocktails and coffees, there are very few drinks that cannot be improved by being served ice cold. Early Persian engineers built ice pits known as yakhchals as far back as 400 BCE, and the Roman emperor Nero was said to have enjoyed iced drinks during his rule in the first century.


For the rich, ice was always available, so long as you could pay someone to get you some from a mountain glacier or frozen lake. It wasnt until the early 19th century that the ice trade began bringing frozen water to the masses in the United States, but the market for ice in the UK was short-lived. It was shipped in from Norway, but the demand simply wasnt sufficient to establish a sustainable market. 


In 19th-century Chile, beer brewers used ice bergs as a source of refrigeration, towing them behind boats. Sometimes they would tow them from as far away as the South Pole to ensure their beer was kept at the perfect temperature.


Why size matters when it comes to ice

The bigger the ice cube, the slower it melts, which means giant ice cubes stay colder for longer and that makes them ideal for a range of uses. They are perfect for cooling punches, sangria, cocktails and any other drink that you want to keep cool. Giant ice cubes are also great for keeping food cool, so buffets and chilled deserts can last longer when cooled with giant ice cubes.


Whiskey lovers have long appreciates the benefits of an ice cube with a larger surface area. Because it melts more slowly, less water is released, so the whiskey doesnt get diluted as quickly. These are also becoming more popular in cocktails, especially carbonated ones that can go flat if the ice melts too quickly. 


Other uses for an ice tray

Despite its name, there is no reason to limit a giant ice cube tray to only freezing water. Its  durable and suitable for a range of substances, so can be used to make giant jelly cubes, frozen purees and syrups, frozen fruit juices and smoothies.

A giant ice cube tray can also help you combat food waste as you can freeze single portions of food ready to be defrosted for a quick meal, saving you time as well.


Making ice at home is such simple way to be prepared for any event. With these giant ice cube trays, you can impress guests with eye-catching ice-cold drinks, give yourself a treat and be ready to chill anything you want in style. 

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