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Half Sphere Silicone Mould 17.4cm x 29.5cm

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Silicone 15 Half Sphere Mould

Presentation is everything when it comes to creating plates that impress, and this silicone half sphere mould is a great way to add a little drama to any dish. The smooth shapes and practical nature of the silicone mould makes it really easy to make a variety of treats in eye-catching and interesting shapes.


The silicone makes this mould a simple and effective piece of kit. It is naturally non-stick which makes it ideal for making interesting shapes as they can be squeezed out of the mould gently rather than having to be forced out using methods that are likely to cause damage. This is particularly helpful for confectioners and chocolatiers who want their sweets to have smooth, evenly textured surfaces without the chips and dents that can happen with rigid moulds.


Silicone is also ideal for dishes that need to be heated and cooled. It can be baked at the hottest temperatures for making cakes and withstanding the heat of molten sugar and it can be frozen, making it ideal for iced treats such as ice cream spheres or for chilling things like mousses that need to set quickly. Being heat resistant makes this silicone 15 half sphere mould ideal for recipes that need to incorporate freezing, baking and everything in between, so they can be used for ice cream cookie sandwiches, semifreddos and other similar treats. 


Fans of peanut butter cups and can make their own using this mould, or experiment with different chocolates and fillings to create an array of sweet treats.


Baking with Silicone 15 Half Sphere Mould

These moulds are also perfect for making meringues and have been a popular choice among fans of dainty desserts. They are traditionally made from whipped egg white and sugar, and they can be made in a variety of colours and shapes. Half sphere meringues can be floated on a sweet and fruity dessert soup, used to top an ice cream sundae or added to give any dessert a delicious twist.


This silicone half sphere mould can also be used to make incredible chocolate bombs. Its easy to make a chocolate shell that can be packed with mousse, sponge cake, fondant or any number of other delicious fillings. The smooth shells make the dish look extravagant, but the silicone moulds make it super easy to pop out perfect chocolate cups every time.


This half sphere mould can also be used to make incredible cakes that are perfect for making decorations for a larger cake but can also be made spectacular in their own right.

Your cakes can be decorated to look like bees, ladybirds, lions or bears or you can use the natural shape to make beautiful flowers or a simple pattern design. 


Using two half spheres to make a ball can create incredible footballs, baubles or even Halloween eyeballs. Your creativity is the limit when it comes to making cakes with this silicone sphere mould as your cakes will come out beautifully every time.   


Other uses for a silicone 15 half sphere mould

As well as baked goods and confectionery, these silicone half sphere moulds can be used to make impressive jelly accessories for any meal. From savoury spheres containing soups or sauces to sweet jellies, ice creams and puddings, anything looks better when its shaped in a smooth half sphere. 


You can also use this mould to make impressive ice that is ideal for cooling large batches of drinks such as punches and cocktails. Large ice cubes melt slower and do not dilute drinks as quickly as small ones, so they are ideal for cooling neat spirits such as whiskey and rum. 

  • Material:
    Food Grade Silicone
  • Cleaning:
    Dishwasher Safe
  • Heat Capability:
    Suitable for oven use
  • Size:
    Total Width 174mm, Total Length 295mm, Half Sphere Diameter 50mm, Half Sphere Depth 23mm
  • GTIN:
  • MPN:
  • Brand:
    Special Ingredients
  • Product Code:
  • Weight:
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