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iSi CO2 Cartridge Manufacturers Instructions


Non-refillable soda chargers. One charger is for the preparation of 1 L soda water. Use soda siphon and chargers only in accordance with instructions. Do not use for any other purpose. Always use iSi appliances and iSi chargers in combination. Do not inhale! Misuse can be physically harmful and dangerous to your health. Identification colour: Gold. Recyclable steel. Volume 11.4ml. Net content 8.4 g pure CO2 under pressure. Gross weight: 29g per charger. Never dispose of full chargers. Never use force when opening. Keep out of reach of children. Container is under pressure. Keep packaging until use of last charger. Store at room temperature and dry. Keep out of sunlight and temperatures above 50℃/ 122℉.