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Molecular Gastronomy Kits Online

Molecular gastronomy is a trend that is storming the world, expanding from not only the science world but to Michelin-star restaurants, cafes, bars and even your own kitchen. Taste Revolution stock an expansive range of molecular gastronomy kits to completely transform your cooking into something a little more exciting. 


From cheese-making kits to molecular cocktail making kits and molecular gastronomy recipes, we stock a selection of molecular gastronomy kits that includes everything that the modernist bartender needs to start exploring a new world of edible cocktails, alcoholic caviar and flavoured foams. 


The whole point of molecular gastronomy is to have fun, and most importantly, experiment! Molecular gastronomy does not have to be fantastically complicated in order to get interesting results. 


Do not be put off because you’ve seen Heston Blumenthal doing crazy food-science experiments with expensive gadgets - with these molecular gastronomy kits a few perfectly ordinary pieces of kitchen utensils you will be able to create something special. 


Next-Day UK Delivery on all Molecular Gastronomy Kits


For great prices, the right expertise and next day delivery on all your molecular gastronomy kits, look no further, choose Taste Revolution for all your molecular gastronomy needs.


Our molecular gastronomy kits provide everything you need to complete your modernist cooking masterpieces, however, two useful additions are an immersion blender and a handy cream whipper.


We think of the discipline as a fusion of art, science and gastronomy. All chefs/bartenders use science when they work, they just might not be aware that they are. So if you’re interested in expanding your culinary knowledge and skills, order our molecular gastronomy kits online today.