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Large Silicone Mould 13.3cm x 19.5cm

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Large 6 Hemisphere Silicone Mould

A silicone mould can have many uses and this large 6 hemisphere silicone mould is perfect for a variety of deliciously different treats.


Because they are so flexible and easy to manipulate, these moulds are perfect for making a wide variety of delicious treats. You can line the cavities with tempered chocolate to make perfect hemispheres that you can fill with anything from a spoonful of peanut butter to a lavish chocolate bomb with multiple layers inside. 


This mould is made from high-quality food-grade silicone, so it has all the benefits of silicone cookware. It is flexible and easy to remove the mould from whatever you make in it, whether thats a sponge cake or a jelly, you can be sure that they will slip out easily with no need for banging or levering things out with utensils.


The silicone is also dishwasher safe, so theres no need for scraping and scrubbing - cleaning up after youve cooked is as simple as pressing a button and you can get on with enjoying your treats. It is non-porous, so it will not absorb the flavours and smells of food, so you can use it again and again for any of your kitchen projects.


What to make in a large 6 hemisphere silicone mould 

Whatever kind of chef you are, a 6 hemisphere silicone mould could be the gateway to your next gastronomic achievement. You can start with beautifully presented ice creams, work your way up to perfectly shaped cakes and then tackle more ambitious decorating projects and melting chocolate desserts. Whatever level you are comfortable with, you can find something fun to do with a hemisphere mould.


For the adventurous home cook, silicone moulds are ideal for making confectionery. Silicone can withstand incredibly high temperatures, which means its the ideal way to shape molten sugar. Because the mould is ovenproof, you can heat it with a sugar mixture already in place to make jelly sweets, hard sweets and all kinds of other sugary treats.


It is also ideal for making fun savoury dishes and can be used to make some truly impressive starters, canapes and sides. You can be creative with your cooking, using the mould to make miniature versions of your favourite quiche, pie or flan. You can fill each cavity with pastry and then blind baking them before stuffing them with mushrooms and gruyere cheese, mozzarella and tomatoes or just cream cheese and smoked salmon. 


You can also use the moulds to prepare something deceptively easy, such as a lemon semifreddo which can be turned out onto a lemon shortbread biscuit to make a zesty dessert. Everything can be prepared in advance and assembled in minutes just before serving to create an impressive yet simple dish. 


Making ice in a large hemisphere silicone mould

Larger pieces of ice have less surface area relative to their mass which makes them melt slower and stay colder for longer. Using this silicone mould to make ice will result in ice hemispheres that will not only look cool chilling a jug of cocktails but will also help keep it extra cold compared to smaller ice cubes. 


Using ice made with larger moulds also preserves the flavour of your drink as less water is dissolved into it. This is of particular interest to whiskey and scotch drinkers who want the smooth flavour of a chilled drink but often prefer not to have it watered down. 


This hemisphere silicone mould is designed to help you have fun with food, whether you want to make some fun treats for your kids or an impressive spread for a dinner party.

  • Material:
    Food Grade Silicone
  • Cleaning:
    Dishwasher Safe
  • Heat Capability:
    Suitable for oven use
  • Size:
    Total Width 133mm, Total Length 195mm, Half Sphere Diameter 55mm, Half Sphere Depth 26.5mm
  • EAN:
  • GTIN:
  • MPN:
  • Brand:
    Special Ingredients
  • Product Code:
  • Weight:
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