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Liss Cream Chargers


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Lisa cream chargers are known for providing excellent results throughout the culinary industry and are loved by professional chefs and home cooks alike. 

A perfect compliment to every standard cream whipper, Liss cream chargers are able to deliver something a little extra for coffees, hot chocolates, desserts and cocktails.

Liss cream chargers offer a 100% recyclable, high-grade steel charger that contains 8g of pure food-grade nitrous oxide

Professional Standard Liss Cream Chargers

Liss is a world-leading cartridge manufacturer with over 50 years of experience. 

When you purchase Liss cream chargers, you're investing in a company with strong tradition and experience in manufacturing gas cylinders, soda siphons, and cream chargers. This experience has made them a trusted brand in the industry that customers can rely on.

Delivering premium quality, Liss, alongside Pro Whip, Mosa and iSi all make for great options for your cooking needs. 

Select Your Size

Our Liss cream chargers are available in a selection of different sizes to suit you. Whether you're looking for our cheapest cream chargers in our 24 pack or wholesale quantities in our 360 and 600 packs. Or maybe even something a little in between, with our 96 and 144 packs - Liss delivers.

For personal or professional, Liss cream chargers make for a perfect option to experiment and get your creative juices flowing.