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Misuse of Nitrous Oxide

Misusing Nitrous Oxide is classified by a user intentionally using the substances for its psychoactive effects by inhaling the gas. The Psychoactive Substances Act 2016 is a law in the United Kingdom intended to restrict the production, sale and supply of a new class of psychoactive substances often referred to as "legal highs". TalkToFrank Website Quote: “As of 2016, nitrous oxide is covered by the Psychoactive Substances Act and is illegal to supply for its psychoactive effect."

Nitrous Oxide has been used in the culinary industry for decades and using Nitrous Oxide for catering and it’s other legitimate uses is legal. However in recent years, Nitrous Oxide has unfortunately become a popular substance that has been abused and misused for it’s effects on the central nervous system when inhaled. It has been featured in the media more in recent years which has been a leading cause of its rise in popularity. Taste Revolution does not condone, promote, encourage or advise anyone in any way to misuse Nitrous Oxide and Taste Revolution has extensive safeguarding measures in place to stop the products from being misused. Taste Revolution reserves the right to refuse sale to anyone we deem unacceptable to sell N2O to or that we are suspicious of potentially misusing or of being under the age of 18 years old.

When professionals prepare and utilize Nitrous Oxide within a safe medical environment as a medical aesthetic, they handle it in a controlled manner with appropriate equipment. Attempting to administer on one’s self outside of the medical industry has the potential to lead to immediate fatality via asphyxiation (choking due to a lack of oxygen). There can be serious long-term physical and/or mental side effects, at the very least. The substance referred to as "Laughing Gas" is not pure N2O like what is found within cream chargers, but is actually, in fact, a combination of about 70% Oxygen and 30% Nitrous Oxide.


Our Policy on the Misuse of Nitrous Oxide

Safeguarding the general public and our customers is of utmost importance to us at Taste Revolution. Extensive measures and safeguards are in place publicly and internally to stop users from misusing Nitrous Oxide. We do not disclose our internal policies on monitoring, analysing and handling Nitrous Oxide orders as this is private company information and will not be released to the public so that misusers will not be able to navigate themselves around our systems, policies and procedures.

At Taste Revolution we have a policy called ‘The Procedures of Misuse’ that all of our staff are fully trained and tested regularly on to ensure sale of Nitrous Oxide is handled appropriately. Staff are informed not to disclose how the policy works or how orders are analysed before dispatch. What we can confirm is involved in the policy is that Nitrous Oxide is not to be sold to anyone under the legal age of 18 years old. Anyone suspected to intend to misuse the products will be refused sale and blocked from purchasing meaning any orders on hold will be cancelled and refunded. We reserve the right to hold an order up to 72 hours whilst the order is investigated and analysed by our designated order analysers. You have a right to request a cancellation and refund at any time during the holding of an order, however you will be blocked from purchasing if the order analysis is not complete or is rejected. If you do not wish to be subject to these order investigations, please do not place an order on our website.


Potential Risks of Misusing Nitrous Oxide

Oxygen Deprivation: Potential Result of Using Nitrous Oxide

Anesthetics are fast becoming a popular method of experiencing a ‘high’ that so many people in modern society search for nowadays. Although it nitrous oxide does not have the same strength of other anesthetics its use in this manner has been increasing significantly. It’s possible that abusers assume the fact of its relative weakness compared to other analgesics and pharmaceuticals also signifies a lesser risk factor, but that is not the case. It is an entirely incorrect correlation. The risks are real. In spite of it being a weaker drug by some standards, it produces euphoric feelings and has the potential to dramatically affect behaviour in any individual abusing it.


Potential for Brain Damage

Brain damage is a serious side effect that can be suffered as a result of using nitrous oxide in this way because, if it is not mixed with at least twenty percent oxygen in a controlled manner when it is inhaled, the reduction of the oxygen content in the blood can trigger hypoxia—a serious medical condition. Aiming for a bigger high, some users end up inhaling huge amounts at the expense of the essential oxygen that we all rely on in order to breathe. Brain damage following as a result of this action is irreversible. It only requires one instance of hypoxia for permanent brain damage to ensue.

When used in a professional, controlled medical environment, Nitrous is administered with oxygen. That is the reason it is often referred to as ‘gas plus air’.


Asphyxiation causing Death

Quite a large number of fatalities solely due to the lack of enough oxygen have occurred as a result of nitrous abuse. Some use practices liking placing ones head inside a plastic bag filled with of nitrous oxide, securing it around the neck. Some users, wishing to ensure they are breathing in pure nitro, do not realize the extreme risk of chasing a bigger high. Without enough oxygen, the human body will not survive for a long length of time and it is also possible that, due to low-oxygen, they may pass out with the bag still placed over user's heads. Excessive use has the potential to induce hyperthermia. Hyperthermia is a serious condition and could potentially lead to further dangerous complications as well.  There can be other dangers leading to fatality n the cases where any family history of health problems connected with the use of anesthetics or any additional existing genetic medical condition.


Damage to the Nervous System

The medical profession has long considered Nitrous oxide to be a safe form of anaesthesia. However, recent research confirms that, when people engage in prolonged or excessive use, then it could have devastating effects on the body subjected over a period of time. The body’s bone marrow may show signs of deterioration, and it has been known to inflict severe damage to the nervous system. Another extreme danger when engaging in the practice of breathing it straight out of pressurised tanks is that the gas flow is extremely cold, which can result in the freezing or damaging the vocal cords or asphyxiating the user.  Frostbite to the lungs and respiratory system may be cause by a sudden change to the state of the gas Apparently, partygoers commonly inhale using facemasks. As this practice does not enable the required amount of oxygen in recipe with the gas, it may have fatal consequences. Although, notoriously, young adults prove cavalier with their attitude regarding long-term health risks of inhaling Nitrous, it poses very real dangers and threat.


Laughing Gas Abuse: Long Term Dangers

The use of nitrous oxide on a continuous basis can initiate a vitamin B12 deficiency. Vitamin B12 is an essential component for numerous biological systems within our bodies. When deficient in this vitamin, amino acid accumulates in the blood supply and can be a cause for many various vascular diseases. Also, when breathed in during pregnancy, nitrous oxide may cause deformities in the fetus.  Whenever there is the potential of a user becoming pregnant, then it should be absolutely avoided for the sake of the unborn child.


Potential of Falling

Abuse of nitrous oxide has the potential to lead to injuries like a concussion or fractured bones. Many people have been recorded as having serious injuries liking falling from an open window or having mishaps when operating machinery in the wake of inhaling this substance.


Personality Disorders Due to Long Term Use

Some people become addicted to nitrous oxide and end up suffering personality and mood disorders as well as lasting damage to the bone marrow or nervous system. Even after the user ceases abuse for a long period, these issues may persist.


Side-effect from Taking with Meals

For those who practice excessive inhalation or routinely inhale straight after meals, nausea may be experienced. In addition, extreme stomach pain can be experienced by any long time user.


Loss of Control of Bodily Functions

IN some cases, people are admitted to hospital because of being unable to walk or having almost no control over bodily functions. Tests usually determine that overuse of nitrous oxide is the cause for lack of control over the body. This side effect does not occur overnight. Extensive use over a period of time will inevitably lead to this. It begins with tingling sensations in the feet. Later, people will not sense any feelings at all or any type of pain in their feet. The Nitrous Oxide side effects are cumulative in their nature. Most of them are not immediate many may occur only after longer use or even sometime afterwards.


Recovery - Irreversible Damage

Once someone has begun to lose the use of limbs, it can take many months for a person to regain their use. The amount of time usually depends on the extent of abuse. But there is no guarantee they will ever enjoy the same quality of life they were used to.  Some damage is irreversible. It is also possible that, for the sake of the fleeting pleasure nitrous oxide can produce initially, a person may pay for it with a lifetime of misery if they tend to over use or abuse the practice.

 Damage to Hearing

Anyone with hearing problems can experience additional side effects, because anybody suffering with damaged eardrums or middle-ear disease may lose hearing completely if they are in constant exposure to nitrous.

Permanent Mutations in DNA

Extensive tests have disclosed how lengthy exposure may affect a person’s DNA. As of now, it has not yet been confirmed what length of time a person has to have been exposed before this affect occurs. We should be aware that anything longer than two hours may possibly have an adverse outcome, as can repeated exposure.



Vegans are advised to avoid becoming exposed to any significant amount of nitrous due to the lack of B12 in their diet. If a supplement is taken to compensate for this shortage, then the extra risk factor is alleviated. This is especially relevant to a pregnant vegan woman, who would be vulnerable to continued use that would affect their unborn child.


Fatal Anaesthetic

As an anaesthetic, Nitrous oxide runs through four stages, from drowsiness to unconsciousness. The state of euphoria and excitement in between these stages are what most users hope to experience. However, the craving for more of the euphoria compels users to abuse it as a drug. An excess cause them to lose consciousness, which may further develop into a coma. Once a coma is induced in this manner, it is almost sure that a user will stop breathing altogether. When this happens, it this starves the brain of oxygen. This may produce a fatal result when a person is alone. In such cases, medical help needs to be sought very quickly.



Patients are advised to fast and consume only water during the twelve hours prior to having a general anaesthetic. This is because the side effects of nausea and vomiting may occur.  Similarly, a user of nitrous may develop nausea. If such a person is unsupervised, there is a possibility of inhaling their own vomit and choking to death. A user of nitrous oxide must realize they need to use extreme care or they may lose consciousness and choke.



What begins as an occasional recreation-high can easily culminate into having an uncontrollable addiction. Too many people have discovered this fact, to their dismay. Why wait until you are confronted with a hospital bed and surrounded by vital monitors to start feeling full of remorse. There are so many other methods to overcoming adversity. Life is a precious gift. We all encounter problems and challenges from time to time.  Why add to that list the infliction of so many side effects that accompany any types of abuse? Alcohol, tobacco and all kinds of drugs will adversely affect a person’s quality of life. In quite a number of cases, they may even cause an untimely death. We all owe it to our loved ones, as well as to ourselves, to take care of the body we have been blessed with. Deviating from this motto can result in a devastating effect on numerous people.