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Modern Gelling Agents Kit

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Modern Gelling Agents Kit

Gelling agents have been around for hundreds of years and there have been almost as many ideas of how and why they work. As our understanding of molecular interaction has developed, food scientists have worked out how to manipulate even the most familiar of foods and change the way we experience it.


Creating gels is one of the key techniques of molecular gastronomy and there are a variety of methods you can use, depending on what you are trying to achieve. From a clear, heatproof gel to one that can withstand being frozen, this kit contains everything you need to make any gel you can imagine.


Sodium Alginate one of the key ingredients needed for spherification and reverse spherification as it reacts with calcium to form a gel as soon as they touch


Calcium Lactate calcium causes alginates to turn into gel as soon as they touch and can be added to either a liquid flavouring or a gelling bath depending on the process


Agar Agar a vegetarian alternative to gelatine that can be used to create molecular spaghetti and a variety of other gels 


Xanthan Gum often used to improve the texture and mouthfeel of gluten free baking, this can also be used to form a gel when combined with carrageenan


Carrageenan iota for mousses and gels that can be frozen and thawed without losing their structure or taste, this extract of red seaweed is the ideal gelling agent 


Carrageenan kappa the active elements of this seaweed extract work particularly well with dairy products to make firm gels 


Pectin Powder pectin is known as the ingredient in jam that turns it from a runny syrup into a firm jelly and must be added when making jams from low-pectin fruits such as raspberries and strawberries


Gellan Gum F often used in plant-based milks to keep the proteins suspended evenly throughout the milk, this low acyl gellan gum also makes firm gels that can withstand incredibly high temperatures 


Gellan Gum a high acyl gelling agent that can be used to make elastic gels and is also used as a vegetarian alternative to gelatine in gummy sweets 


Citric Acid an alpha hydroxy acid that can be used to impart a tart or sour flavour to foods, including gels and creams


Molecular Collecting Spoon collecting your creations is one of the most crucial parts of the spherification process and this specially designed spoon is the perfect tool for the job


Digital Mini Scales when youre working with chemicals and additives to create molecular interactions you need to be able to weigh out your ingredients accurately, and these scales are just right for the job 


Set of Measuring Spoons for quickly adding tiny amounts of the various powders to your concoctions, these spoons are a quick and easy way to get accurate measurements


1 x 50ml Syringe whether you are making fruity boba to add to your bubble tea or savoury caviar beads to serve with your dinner, this syringe will help you get even and consistent results


5 x 3ml Pipettes accuracy is important when measuring out food additives, and these pipettes make it easy to dispense small drops of liquids


Small Hemisphere Mould whatever you are making, shaping your creations in a hemisphere mould will give them a touch of class 


Large Hemisphere Mould if you want to impress, a large hemisphere of something delicious is just the way to do it 


Silicone Tubing if you want to make spaghetti out of your favourite sauce, soup or juice, this tube will give you an even strand that you can use to make a dish like no other


Squeezy Bottle dispense perfect drops of any liquid, from sauces and syrups to purees and pastes

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