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Modern Molecular Gastronomy Kit

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Modern Gastronomy Kit

Cooking may be easier than ever before, with the advent of microwaves, ready meals and pre-prepared ingredients, but there is still something satisfying about observing the alchemy involved in combining ingredients and seeing how they interact with one another. This molecular gastronomy kit will help you understand the chemistry, physics and biology of cooking, and how to make familiar foods do unexpected things.


Molecular gastronomy examines the reasons that food tastes and feels the way it does and the chemical interactions involved in making any food, so that you can use those principles to create new and delicious dishes yourself. Once you know how to turn a sauce into a heat-proof gel, you can give your favourite meal a complete makeover and design cutting edge dishes to suit your palate. 


What is in this modern gastronomy kit?

This kit contains everything you need to achieve a wide variety of molecular gastronomic techniques. You can make edible glass, create molecular spaghetti from your favourite liquids and turn sauces into edible foams and mousses.


Sodium alginate one of the active ingredients required for spherification and reverse spherification


Sodium citrate an acidity regulator used to balance the pH of foods, add flavour and help emulsify cheeses as they are heated


Calcium lactate reacts with sodium alginate to create edible jelly spheres from a wide variety of liquids


Agar agar a natural, plant-based substitute for gelatin that can be used as a thickener for sauces and soups, to create gels and as a key component of molecular spaghetti


Xanthan gum increases the viscosity of liquids to form thick pastes and can form gels when combined with locust bean gum


Carrageenan kappa the extract of a red seaweed that is used to make gels and thicken sauces and it works particularly well with dairy products


Carrageenan iota a polysaccharide derived from red seaweed that can be used to make gels that can withstand being frozen and thawed


Soya lecithin powder this emulsifier allows you to blend together substances that wouldnt ordinarily mix to create foams and mousses


Zorbit a powder derived from tapioca, this can be used to create dusting powders to coat anything from chocolate truffles to homemade chips


Ultratex this high-performance thickener is colourless and has no flavour, so its ideal for use in any dish with a delicate taste that could be overwhelmed by other thickeners


Citric Acid naturally found in citrus fruits, this acid is often added to sweets and drinks to give the sugar-sour flavour that has become a favourite worldwide


Molecular Collecting Spoon you need to have the right tools for the job, and this spoon is perfect for draining boba and other molecular extrusions


Digital Mini Scales when you are working at a molecular level, every increment of a gram counts and scales that can measure accurately are a must


Set of Measuring Spoons if you are mixing chemicals to create a reaction, you need to be able to measure out exact amounts


Small Hemisphere Mould there are plenty of ways to use a hemisphere mould, from perfect gel shapes to ice that impresses


1 x 50ml Syringe having a syringe on hand to help you make consistent drops will make spherification much easier and miles more fun


10 x 3ml Pipettes using a pipette is much easier than trying to measure small volumes of liquid any other way, so use these to make mixtures without the mess 


This kit also contains a booklet with detailed instructions, ideas and recipes for a range of different molecular gastronomy techniques. Theres everything from scientific explanations to tips and tricks for getting the best results.

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