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Starter Packs

Everything you need to get started, whipped cream starter kits contain both nitrous chargers and dispenser - Ideal for the budding molecular chef

Various sizes available.

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Molecular Cocktail Kit
Molecular Cocktail Kit Molecular Cocktail Kit Molecular Cocktail Kit Molecular Cocktail Kit

Molecular Cocktail Kit

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Product Description
Cocktail Kit (Molecule-R-evolution Molecular Mixology Kit)

Join in the cocktail revolution! This kit is the mother lode for molecular mixologists, it combines all of the ingredients of the three dedicated molecule-r kits (Mojito, Margarita and Cosmopolitan) with additional molecular ingredients, ideas, techniques and recipes. The cocktail revolution s going to happen whether you're part of it or not!

If you are unfamiliar with molecular mixology it is, in essence a modernist approach to making cocktails. Molecular Cocktails are the boozy brothers to modernist cuisine. A molecular cocktail takes its flavours and inspiration from the traditional bartenders' recipe book but then gives it a modernist twist by playing with textures and states. The mixing up of the blends and forms plays games with you mind, whilst energizing your taste buds, a lethal cocktail combination.

This molecular mixology starter kit contains all of the molecular ingredients you'll be needing along with a DVD featuring 30 molecular mixology recipes, presented in clear, easy to follow, step-by-step instructions.

A good example of a molecular cocktail would be to take something that everyone already knows, such as a Mojito and deconstruction it into its essential components and then put them back together in a different form that conveys the essence of the Mojito flavours, but in an unrecognisable form. So you will still have the rum, lime, mint and syrup but rather simply muddling them all together you make a cloud of sugar, mint caviare and exploding rum balls!

How about a the humble Bloody Mary? Everyone knows that is based upon tomato and vodka but with the Molecule-r cocktail kit then you can add a novel twist to this mixology standard. Make the whole cocktail into a liquid filled jelly ball that explodes into your mouth when you spoon it in a bite down.
This starter kit has everything you need to begin with, but you will find more molecular mixology supplies here at Cheeky Monkey Cream Chargers.

molecular cocktail kitKey Features of the Molecule-r-evolution Cocktail Set:
  • • Cocktail Revolution - Molecular mixology kit
    • Try something completely different
  • • The cocktail kit contains 50 sachets of molecular ingredient
  • • Amaze yourself at how sophisticated vodka jelly has become
  • • 30 recipes on a DVD to work your way through (although not in one night!)
  • • The whole mixology kit is brilliantly packaged to look technical and scientific.

Included in mixology kit :
  • 10 sachets of each of the molecular mixology ingredients
  • Cold Soluble Gelatin for making everything from the standard vodka jelly shot to more sophisticated edible cocktails
  • Sodium Alginate Sachets - for spherification (molecular mixology caviar) and reverse spherification
  • Calcium Lactate Sachets - for setting spheres and frozen reverse spheres
  • Soy Lecithin Sachets - for creating molecular mixology foams and emulsions
  • Xanthan Gum Sachets - for thickening drinks
  • Pipettes
  • Slotted Spoon, for fishing balls, spheres and caviar out of the bath
  • • Measuring Spoons - to make sure you get the quantities of your ingredients spot on.
  • DVD of 30 Recipes – ranging from the simple to the fantastically complicated invloving liquid nitrogen and nitrous oxide cream chargers.­

DVD Recipes will cover the following molecular gastronomy tecniques:
  • Emulsification – making flavourful foams that sit on top of your cocktails, modern twists on the traditional egg white foams.
  • Thickening – imagine getting drunk on a McDonald's thick shake!
  • Gelification – this could be a twist on the standard vodka jelly shot or something a bit foamy, created with cream chargers.
  • Spherification – these are the wow of molecular mixology, from tiny little floating caviar balls to egg sized bubbles filled with cocktails.
  • Deep Freezing – take the alcopop into the realm of the ice-pop!

The kit has some of the equipment that you are going to need, but not all – most of the recipes require the use of a hand blender (immersion blender) to mix, disperse, dissolve and hydrate the molecular additives. These aren't expensive but either these or an upright blender are essential. Some of the recipes also call for the use of cream chargers and whipped cream dispenser you can substitute a regular electric whisk for this but it won't give quite the same pleasure as using cream chargers. One of the recipes even calls for the use of liquid nitrogen – so cross that one off the list unless you happen to work in a science lab! The booklet has more detailed explanation then the DVD, so although it has fewer recipes it should certainly be the starting point for your journey into the world of molecular mixology. Once you've mastered the four basic techniques of spherification, reverse spherification, emulsification and suspension then you can make your way through the 30 molecular cocktail recipes in the DVD.

molecular cocktail starter kitThis kit is a good all-round introduction to the world of molecular mixology cocktails, but you will son find you've run out of the molecular ingredients, you can then either continue with the pre-weighed sachets of Molecule-r Refills, or but larger batches of bulk refills and a micro scale to weigh out your own amounts. The latter is definitely going to save you money in the long term and also allows you to experiment with different ratios or smaller batches. So once you've used up all the sachets in the kit, then come back to Cheeky Monkey Cream Chargers for your refills.


Review of the Molecule-r-Evolution Cocktail Kit

As with anything there are both good and bad points to this Molecular Mixology Kits:

What we love:
  • Well presented, the packaging make for a great gift
  • Brilliant for people with an interest but no idea where to begin with molecular cocktails
  • Plenty of variety in the recipes (molecular caviar, foams and the rest!)
  • Pre-measured sachets of molecular gastronomy ingredients
  • Really good fun
  • The best molecular mixology starter set you can buy.

What we don't love quite as much:
  • Fairly expensive for what you get – if you feel confident enough to use micro scales and weigh out your own chemical supplies.
  • The “science” explanation for what is happening in each tecnique will not be detailed enough for the genuinely curious molecular adventurer.
  • Very much a molecular mixology starter set, as in only for beginners.
  • Takes some of the recipes directly form other kits (such as the mojito set)
  • A rather expensive way to get molecular mixology supplies
Some useful Molecular Mixology Resources:
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