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Molecular Cocktail Kits

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Explore the World of Cocktail Making with Molecular Mixology Kits


Bring the flavour and excitement of molecular mixology to your own home with our molecular cocktail maker kits. With various kits across Mojitos, Margaritas and Cosmopolitans, you can experience the joy of molecular bartending from the comforts of your home.


The molecular cocktail making kits are designed to have everything you need (except the spirits and mixers) to create a handful of permutations on a standard cocktail.


A lot of bartenders and chefs use science when they work, whether they’re aware they’re doing it or not. With molecular mixology, the science aspect is more obvious because some of the additives are a mysterious substance with very “chemical” sounding names.


Molecular cocktails are modern marvels! Most of the recipes and kits focus on altering the texture and not the taste of the cocktails – the spirits and mixers are usually the ones that you would always use for making a particular cocktail. 


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By playing with textures – making solids out of drinks the cocktails can be experienced in different ways, which might not alter the taste but it will alter the experience.

The art aspect of molecular cocktail making comes from the fact that bubbles, foams, gels and spheres do not look like a regular drink – so that allows you to layer and present the cocktails in entirely novel ways.


The three molecular mixology methods (foam, spheres, and caviar) are chosen because they are the standards of modernist bartending and mastering them is a great foundation for beginners.