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Molecular Gastronomy Chef Kit

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Molecular Gastronomy Chef Kit

Molecular gastronomy may sound like the kind of cooking that requires hours of spare time and tons of patience, but many of the techniques are really simple and you can achieve impressive results with little or no practice.  This kit is designed to help you learn all the tricks of the molecular gastronomy trade and make your own incredible delicacies.


You dont need to be an experienced chef or even a confident home cook and you definitely dont need a science qualification to make the most of this molecular gastronomy kit. It contains everything you need to try some of the most effective techniques in your own kitchen with step-by-step instructions to ensure you know exactly what you are doing. 


What is molecular gastronomy?

Food science covers everything from the best temperature to store frozen fish to the perfect ratio of salt to vinegar on a portion of chips. The goal is always to find ways to make food more palatable and to learn how tastes and textures combine to make the most mouthwatering dishes in the world. 


Molecular gastronomy is the study of food at a microscopic level. Chefs, scientists and engineers come together to study the way the enzymes in food behave when they are heated, how the bonds between chemical compounds affect the flavour of food, and the way that chemical compounds react to one another when different ingredients are combined. 


There are various processes that can be used on a range of ingredients, including making foams and emulsions, creating spaghetti from a variety of different foods and improving the texture and consistency of ingredients and whole dishes. 


Using scientific understanding, it is possible to identify which gelling agents will produce firm blocks of jelly, which are more practical for making edible pearls to go in drinks and how you can combine different textures to make liquid-filled jelly spheres. 


You can also create foams or airs that add the most delicate wisp of a taste to a dish, giving it an ethereal look and adding the most delicate suggestion of a flavour as it dissolves in your mouth. This technique may sound complicated, but it really just needs the knowledge of what to add to your liquid and how much and you too can create these elegant touches that elevate your food to party status.


Using this molecular gastronomy chef kit

Many molecular gastronomy techniques change the texture of a familiar food to turn it into a completely new taste sensation. This kit contains the additives you need to turn your favourite drink into a gel sphere or to make a firm gravy block that wont melt when served with hot food. Spherification and reverse spherification are both ways to make liquids into firm gels, using the chemical properties of two different compounds to trigger a reaction that produces firm beads or caviar.


You can also learn how to make any variety of molecular spaghetti you want, from long strings of jellified fruit juice to a nest of tomato soup flavoured noodles that you can pile onto your plate. With detailed instructions that explain what is going to happen and why, you can understand the principles of molecular gastronomy, master the techniques and then try experimenting for yourself and coming up with new and delicious dishes of your own.  


This kit is perfect for any enthusiastic cook who wants to try something new. Its ideal for kids who want to learn how science can help them to make delicious dishes and for adults who want to impress their friends with some intriguing new foods. 

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