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Molecular Gastronomy Spherification Kit

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Molecular Gastronomy Spherification Kit

Molecular gastronomy is the natural combination of science and cooking. It is thought of as a relatively modern phenomenon but, in many cases, it represents a new understanding of techniques that have been used for hundreds of years. For as long as people have been sharing recipes, they have been showing each other how to combine ingredients in ways that make them work together. 


Although our ancestors couldnt explain the reactions that they witnessed between various ingredients, they did note that they could create different textures by combining certain foods together. Today, chefs, food scientists and engineers all work together to understand some of the mysteries of what makes food delicious. By coming up with new ways to serve old favourites, such as spherification and reverse spherification, chefs and food pioneers are challenging the way we think about taste and texture.


What is spherification?  

Spherification is one of the most impressive techniques used in molecular gastronomy. It allows you to completely change the texture of some of the most familiar foods around and gives you the chance to experience a completely different side to some of your favourite dishes. You can use spherification techniques to make a variety of gel balls, from tiny boba to larger caviars or beads of almost any liquid. 


This technique is used to add flavour to a dish in a completely new way. The balls form a gel skin around a bead of liquid that provides a burst of flavour as it is eaten. Spherification is suitable for both sweet and savoury dishes, so you are only limited by your creativity when it comes to what you can make.


Boba and bubble tea have become popular in recent years with many shops offering delicious drinks with fruity flavoured gel bubbles in them. Typical flavours include lychee, mango, passion fruit and plum, but when you make them yourself, you can use any fruit juice you choose. Pick your favourite or make up one of your own by combining fruit juices, cordials or syrups to make an original flavour. 


You can add your fruity spheres to a drink of your choice or even combine them with your favourite dessert to give it a new twist. Concentrated fruit flavouring can give any dish a lift, but you can also try making pearls of yoghurt or even custard to make your dessert truly delicious.  


You can also make savoury spheres using your favourite sauce, so you can create gravy beads for a fresh twist on your sausage and mash or soy sauce beads to serve with gyoza. Chefs are pushing the boundaries of what you can do with savoury boba, adding cheese flavoured boba to pizza and creating a range of boba sushi that has attracted attention from foodies the world over.


Whats in this spherification kit?

This kit contains everything you need to try spherification for yourself, including the additives for your sauces and the equipment you need to make perfect beads every time. You have sodium alginate, a seaweed extract that will form a strong gel when it comes into contact with calcium. There is also calcium lactate to ensure that reaction takes place when needed. 


The kit also comes complete with syringes and pipettes which are ideal for dispensing small amounts of the substances needed to complete the spherification process. They are also used to drop the liquids into the chemical baths to allow them to form gel spheres, strings or even spaghetti. The kit contains detailed instructions and recipes, so you can start spherifying immediately. 

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