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Molecular Spaghetti Kit

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Molecular Spaghetti Kit

Spaghetti is one of the most popular dishes in western cuisine and can be combined with s variety of different sauces and ingredients to make a variety of different dishes. Although it is associated with Italian cooking, it has spread throughout the world to become a staple of a range of diets. The word comes from the Italian spago which means thin string, and the diminutive spaghetto that is pluralised to spaghetti. 


There is some dispute as to the origins of spaghetti, although the first written reference to spaghetti was in the Talmud, in passages that date back to the 5th century.  There is some evidence that the idea of spaghetti was introduced to Europe by indigenous north African people who brought dried pasta with them when conquering Sicily. It appears that the Sicilians were the ones that stretched the pasta into long strings at which point the dish became more popular, proliferating throughout Italy from the 12th century onwards. 


By the 19th century, these strands of flour and water were so popular that factories were established in order to meet the demand from the people of Italy. Commercial production of spaghetti was responsible for the uniform shape of this popular new pasta as previously it had largely been made by hand.


Alternative Spaghettis


While it may have been hard to predict that a string-like food would become so popular, chefs and food scientists have been making the most of spaghettis popularity ever since. Spaghetti has become a standard component in a wide variety of meals, and innovators have combined traditional recipes with spinach and tomato to create green and red versions, and with squid ink to make deep black spaghetti with a strong fishy flavour. 


Spaghetti squash has become popular as a plant-based alternative to wheat pasta. Various gluten-free alternatives and pastas made from pea protein and lentils have also become more widely available. The shape of spaghetti provides interesting texture, flavour and visual appeal, so its no surprise that it has attracted the attention of molecular gastronomists.


Molecular Spaghetti

Given the widespread popularity of spaghetti, its hardly a surprise that it has become a popular choice for innovators who want to subvert our expectations about our food. As a largely savoury ingredient, spaghetti was given a new lease of life when it became a popular choice for experimentation. 


The enthusiasm for molecular gastronomy in recent years has given spaghetti a new lease of life, turning it from a key part of a savoury Italian dish into one that has the potential to work with any ingredients. Molecular spaghetti was originally conceived by Chef Ferran Adria and the team at El Bulli, a restaurant in Catalonia in Spain. 


They were the first to combine unusual ingredients with agar agar to make them into gels that could be extruded using syringes and tubes. The technique soon became hugely popular in the world of food as it allowed chefs to experiment with different flavours of spaghetti. It also made it possible to change the texture of favourites such as tomato soup, present ingredients such as parmesan cheese in a completely new way, and turned spaghetti into a potential dessert ingredient. 


This kit contains everything you need to create spaghetti from almost anything you want. Simply create a liquid gel mix with warmed agar agar and fill the syringe with it. Submerge the tube in iced water and gently squirt the syringe through the tube to create a long strand of your jellified mixture. From fruit juices to pickles, you can give your favourite ingredients a completely new lease of life by turning them into spaghetti. This kit will help you produce delicious and eye-catching dishes that are sure to impress.

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