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Monin Frappe

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Monin Frappé Powders Online


Monin frappé powders provide you with the means to create a delicious drink, hot or cold. These frappé mixes can be used to make coffee, milkshakes, frozen drinks, hot drinks, you name it.


Even though Monin specialises in flavoured syrups, Monin’s frappé mixes still stand up against other notable brands such as Simply and Sweetbird.


Frappés couldn’t be any easier to make. Simply add your Monin frappé powder to a cup, add ice cubes and milk; transfer to a blender, and voilà. A perfectly smooth Monin frappé in a matter of minutes.

Monin Frappé Mixes Flavour Range

Monin frappé mixes are available in a wide variety of distinct flavours. Experience simplicity with chocolate frappés and coffee frappés, or something a little more sultry in vanilla to add a new dimension to your frozen drinks.


All Monin frappé powder mixes are available with next day delivery and are suitable for both commercial and home use.


Discover the true delight of iced drinks with Monin frappé powders.