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Monin Purees


Flavoured Fruit Purées From Monin


There’s nothing like a good ol’ flavoured fruit purée to infuse life into your favourite drinks, cocktails, coffee, frappés, smoothies, milkshakes and so much more. Monin purées do just that with an expansive range of flavours and unbeatable quality. 


Monin purées take the stress out of preparing bar-quality drinks, so you can relax and experience your creation first-hand. Instead of peeling, chopping, crushing and sourcing exotic fruits, simply add Monin flavoured fruit purées to achieve the same effect. 

Taste Revolution’s Zingy Range of Monin Purée Flavours


Monin has successfully built a portfolio of delectable tastes and flavours throughout its Monin fruit purées range. Explore exciting sensations in banana, blueberry, kiwi, raspberry, pineapple and so much more.


On top of Monin’s popular range of Monin purées, we also stock the rest of the Monin family. Discover premium flavoured syrups, frappé mixes and sugar-free syrups all from Monin. 


Taste the difference with Monin purées.