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Mosa Non-Threaded 16g CO2 Chargers - 10 Pack

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Mosa 16g Co2 cartridges can be used in a variety of devices - from wine carbonators to bicycle true inflators. Unbranded plain white box with safety info. Cartridge printed with safety info.
MOSA CO2 Cartridges are made recyclable steel, they are lacquered or anodized, not refillable and contain approximately 16 grams of pure CO2 under pressure.

This product is not for sale to under 18's.
Resellers please ensure your customers are over 18.

Gas cartridges are not refillable. They are made with 100% recyclable steel. They are safe to put in with your tin cans etc for collection. Please do not dispose of unused cartridges!

More information about CO2:
CO2 or Carbon Dioxide is an odorless, colorless, non inflammable gas with a light sour taste, it does not contain any minerals, salts or other solid ingredients.
CO2 is used worldwide for food preparation, deep freezing and as a propellant for carbonated drinks. Our CO2 Chargers are filled with 100% pure CO2.

Warning - cartridge is filled with liquified gas under high pressure. Please ensure the cartridge is empty of gas before removing from your device. Cartridge gets very cold when it is punctured.

  • Cartridge contains 16g of Carbon Dioxide (E290) under high pressure.
  • Please only use with a device approved for this cartridge and follow manufacturers instructions.
  • Non-aerosol. Non refillable. Recyclable steel.
  • Never dispose of full cartridges.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Explosion danger - 50C max temperature.
  • Do not take onboard an aircraft.
  • Colour - Gold.
    Cartridge Data:
  • Cartridge contains 16g (20 Cubic cms) of pure CO2 at approx 60bar/900psi.
  • Cartridge Volume/Water capacity: 21ml
  • Filling Pressure: 8MPa
  • Force required to pierce: 400N max.
  • Non-Threaded.
  • Cartridge total weight 56gm.
  • Coating: Fe/Zn8 Zinc plating finish.
  • Size 88.6mm x 21.9mm.
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  • Thread:
    Non Threaded
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