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Myco MX-600 Digital Miniscale

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Myco Miniscales MM-600

For some recipes, there is no right amount of a particular ingredient for thousands of years humans have made delicious, hearty meals using sight, smell and taste to adjust the proportions and bring out the best flavours.


Cooking by eye is a great way to get used to how ingredients interact with one another and combine to create new and delicious flavours. However, there are some recipes for which precision is key and when a gram over or under can really make a difference, you need scales that are up to the job. 


Miniscales for baking 

Most kitchen scales will give you a reading that is accurate enough to within a few grams, and that works well for most recipes. Even when youre baking, where the chemistry of how the ingredients work together is perhaps most important, an extra teaspoon of flour or sugar makes no discernible difference. 


When it comes to ingredients such as yeast, bicarbonate of soda, or other active elements that can dramatically change the way your finished product turns out, being able to add precise amounts of an ingredient could be the difference between a delicious result and a disastrous one. This is particularly true when experimenting with smaller quantities and small batch recipes where accuracy really is key.


Miniscales for molecular gastronomy 

There are times when the difference of half a gram can really change the way your end product turns out. When you are working with some ingredients, you really need to know exactly how much you are using and this is particularly true in molecular gastronomy.


Combining chemistry and food can produce some incredible results, but a lot depends on carefully managing the interactions between the ingredients. This is much easier when you are sure that you are using the correct proportions, so having a scale that gives you a clear, digital read-out makes the whole process much simpler.


Whether you want to try spherification, reverse spherification, gels, foams or emulsions, your results will be more reliable and consistent if you are able to measure the ingredients precisely. 


Other uses for miniscales

There are plenty of other uses for precision scales in the kitchen, and being able to weigh in increments of 0.1 grams can be incredibly helpful. Anyone following a strict diet can rest assured that they are able to track their macros effectively when they know exactly how much of each ingredient to add. Those who are keeping their carbohydrate intake to a minimum, want to cut down on sugar, or hope to increase the protein in their diets will find it much easier when they can weigh each element accurately.  


Those who are trying to build muscle, slim down or overcome an injury will also appreciate the ability to weigh out precise measures of supplements such as protein powders, vitamin additives and other ingredients such as matcha. 


There are many benefits to being able to measure these additives precisely: tracking nutritional intake is much easier if you can be sure of exact quantities, experimenting with different proportions is easier if you can increase quantities in small increments; it is possible to scale recipes up and down more effectively when your measurements are reliably in proportion. 


From weighing coffee beans to make the perfect espresso to perfecting a recipe that meets your dietary needs, these miniscales are practical and easy to use. They are small and compact, so you can easily keep them handy and take the guesswork out of all your cooking and kitchen prep.

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    8.8 x 5.9 x 1.9 cm
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    2 x AAA (Batteries included)
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    Special Ingredients
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