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N2 Nitrogen ‘Nitro’ Dispensers


N2 Nitrogen Dispensers or ‘Nitro’ Dispensers are the easiest, funniest and tastiest way to add texture and flavour to your favourite drinks. Coffee, beer, smoothies, milkshakes, whatever takes your fancy.


Our N2 ‘Nitro’ Dispensers create something called ‘Nitro Coffee’ or ‘Cold Brew Coffee’. These drinks are created by charging the liquid with nitrogen to make your beverage sweeter, creamier, richer and more palatable - with a creamy, frothy head!


Create Delicious ‘Nitro’ Drinks with Nitro Dispensers


Nitro Chargers can also be used to preserve and infuse. Due to the pressure, these dispensers are the ideal means of preserving your alcoholic or coffee beverages - with the added benefit of infusing rich flavours into any and all alcoholic beverages.


To make your ‘Nitro’ drink, simply pour your desired drink in, screw on the charger holder, vigorously shake and serve! It really is that simple. 

We also stock N2 Nitro Chargers right here at Taste Revolution to refill your companions, alongside a host of flavouring syrups, hot chocolate mixes, gastronomy kits and so much more.