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N2 Nitro Canisters

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Make 'Nitro' Drinks With N2 Nitro Canisters


N2 Nitro Cartridges or as they are more commonly known ‘N2 Nitro Chargers’ contain a consistent volume of pure nitrogen gas and are used to fill up N2 Nitro Dispensers. Nitro Chargers ensure that you can keep making exciting ‘Nitro’ drinks on demand.


N2 Nitro Cartridges work on a vast array of drinks, from coffee and tea to even smoothies and milkshakes to create a rich, creamy, sweet texture and flavour. 


Our N2 Nitro Chargers work with coffee made from coffee beans, coffee grounds and coffee pods to create something called ‘Nitro Coffee’.

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Nitro Chargers should not be confused with both N2O Cream Chargers or CO2 Cartridges, these utilise completely different gases and serve different purposes. Please ensure you are looking at the correct charger and dispensers when purchasing through Taste Revolution.


For all your N2 Nitro Charger needs, look no further than our online store. And if you’re looking to take your drinks to the next level why not explore our range of flavouring syrups, topping foams and even sugar alternatives.