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Cream Whipper Dispensers

Pick up the perfect addition to your cream canisters, the cream charger dispenser or 'cream whipper'. They are also often referred to as whipped cream dispensers - which is perhaps a slightly more accurate description.

Using cream whippers as your kitchen companion will allow you to get more out of your cooking. Whether you're looking for a restaurant, bar, patisserie or for home use, with our nitrous oxide dispensers you can surely taste the difference.

Luxury Cream Charger Dispensers

Investing in a robust, simple cream charger dispenser such as ours to speed up and perfect your dessert making. Our nitrous oxide dispensers can be used for drinks, desserts, sauces, foams and mousses. Anything that can be whipped and dispensed, name it. Our cream charger dispensers can do it.

Invest in a range of dispensers supplies, with our quality cream charger dispensers, soda syphons and N2 nitrogen dispensers. Build your collection with our cream dispensers range.

Perfect to add to your desserts, drinks (coffee or hot chocolate), and can even be used to infused alcohol. And if you're looking for quality coffee beans, we stock Lavazza Qualita Rossa, Lavazza Qualita Oro, Lavazza Super Crema and so much more!

What Type Of Cream Dispenser Takes Your Fancy?

Before you get excited and just buy the first cream charger dispenser that you catches your eye, there are three things you need to consider when choosing your newly found cream whipper. 

Dispenser Size

Firstly and most importantly - are you intending to use it with (8g) or (16g) cream chargers? The majority of our whipper dispensers are intended for use with the standard (8g). If instead, you're using the larger (16g) chargers you should really look at getting the larger 1-litre size specifically designed with the size in mind. 

Dispenser Quality

What quality of whipped cream dispenser are you looking for? We have a range of cream charger dispensers to fit your needs at a cost that suits you. Our plastic dispensers are cheaper, but our metal head dispensers are for frequent creamers. 

The professional quality cream whippers are exactly what you need, and are much easier to clean and sterilise. On top of the quality, the metal head dispensers are able to stand up to the rigours and abuse that is common in the professional catering environment.

Dispenser Colour

What colours catches your eye? Of course, this point isn't as important as the other two points, but still, a worthy consideration when looking for your next whipped cream dispenser. All the styles we stock will serve you well and will all produce identical qualities of whipped cream. 

If you're an ambitious gastronome then the metal professional style will give you the ability to make hot or cold preparations with ease. A particularly important necessity when making many molecular recipes or foams, which often require the ingredients to be combined within the dispensers whilst they are still warm - even if they will be eventually be dispensed as cold food.