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Popping Candy

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Crackle Crystals Popping Candy


Popping candy as it’s never been seen before, Crackle Crystals popping candy is specifically designed for caterers to add a new dimension to their cooking. Include popping candy in desserts, cakes, sweets to add an all-so-satisfying pop to impress customers and guests.


With a wide range of flavours to choose from, the possibilities for popping candy is endless. Choose from classic flavours including chocolate, plain, strawberry and the illustrious Tutti Frutti


Crackle Crystals popping candy are premium quality carbonated sugar, coated with tasteless cocoa butter to stop them popping until eaten. With the ability to eat them as sweets or add them to a selection of desserts, popping candy offers the perfect versatility for a kitchen.

Next-Day UK Delivery on Popping Candy


The best part? When you place your order before 5:30pm you are eligible for UK next-day delivery on all your items. Meaning if you order today, you could get your popping candy delivered right to your doorstep tomorrow.


Popping candy is the perfect accessory to flashy desserts and drinks alike. Add to cocktails, mouses, ice creams, cupcakes, or just enjoy them as they are.  


Order Crackle Crystals popping candy online today and start experimenting.