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Popping Candy Orange

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Orange Crackle Crystals Popping Candy (Available in 100g and 250g) 

When William A Mitchell and Leon T Kremzer, a pair of food scientists at General Foods, started work on an idea for an instant soft drink in 1956, they had no idea that they were about to invent one of the most popular sweet treats in the world. The sugary crystals that pop and crackle when you put them in your mouth have delighted kids and impressed adults for nearly half a century.


It all began when the duo of research chemists were working on an idea for a tablet that could be dropped into water to make a fizzy drink. They reached the point of trying to carbonate sugar and deliver the fizz in that way when they realised that the carbonated sugar had taken on some entirely unique properties. It was not a success as a way to make a carbonated drink, but the pair decided that the sensation of the sugar crystals popping in the mouth was worthy of further investigation.


It was a few more years before they secured the patent for the product and another fifteen years passed before General Foods even offered the confection to their customers. After only a few years on the market, the original line was discontinued due to the lack of a market for the product and subsequent poor performance. It was relaunched in various different guises throughout the world, leading to widespread popularity. It has been manufactured under the names Space Dust, Popping Candy, Pop Rocks, Crackling Candy and more and has become a staple for many confectioners.


Orange Crackle Crystals Popping Candy in cooking

Orange crackle crystals popping candy makes a great addition to a variety of dishes. You can make cocktails and use popping candy on the rim of the glasses to add a little extra zing, or just sprinkle some on the surface of the drink just as you serve to get a sparkling effect. This is particularly effective with orange-based cocktails such as screwdrivers or mimosas, or other citrus heavy drinks.


Crackle crystals can also be used to great effect in cupcakes - try scooping out a hollow in the top and pouring in some orange crackle crystals, then covering the top with icing so that the popping effect is a surprise. These are great cakes to make for fireworks night celebrations, a new years party or any other special celebration. For a slightly less intense effect, you can simply use the crackle crystals as sprinkles and let them work their magic from the very first bite.


Experimental chefs might opt for a more unusual dish such as popping candy pop corn, which is covered in melted chocolate and then tossed with crackle crystals for a truly unique taste sensation. The popcorn should be allowed to harden on a baking sheet before testing. 


Crackle crystal fanatics will appreciate the elegance of an exploding truffle. Simply make a ganache from chocolate and cream, form into balls and then roll the resulting truffles in the orange crackle crystals. The rich flavour and texture of the truffle will be perfectly offset by the sweetness and zesty orange flavour of the popping candy.


Orange crackle crystals popping candy is the ideal addition to a number of dishes, from sprinkling them over ice cream, to incorporating them in homemade confections. They are vegetarian, halal and kosher, so they can be used in a wide variety of recipes and they add a touch of fun to almost any dessert. 

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