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Popping Candy Plain

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Neutral crackle crystals popping candy

Consumers today are more accustomed to the wide variety of ingredients available from a range of different cultures than ever before. Chefs, home economists, nutritionists, food scientists and innovators are always trying to find new ingredients, new ways to use old ingredients and new processes to transform even the most revered favourites. 


As we learn more about the different dishes created around the world, the demand for exotic ingredients has increased to the extent that many unusual foods are now widely available. These have inspired home cooks to branch out and experiment with a range of different textures and flavours, and there have been myriad advances in our understanding of how our tastebuds work.


Neutral crackle crystals popping candy is the type of product that enhances every aspect of a dish with a sensory explosion unparalleled in other ingredients. This neutral version is ideal for strongly flavoured dishes as it imparts all the drama without the distraction of another taste.


These crackle crystals are the ideal addition to any dessert, from the simplest bowl of ice cream to a more elaborate constructions that might contain a range of surprises. They can be used in a variety of sweet treats, pastries and confectionery and are an ideal way to give any dish a sprinkling of fun.


What makes popping candy pop? 

The science behind popping candy was first established in 1956 by a food chemist named William A Mitchell. He was working for the General Food Corporation and also invented powdered egg whites and American favourite Cool Whip. His career began when he was still in school and worked for the American Sugar Beet company, running the sugar crystallisation tanks.


He developed the technique of carbonating a heated syrup similar to that used to make hard candy, made from melted sugar and flavourings. Quickly cooling the resulting mixture  leaves a crystalline sugar containing pockets of carbon dioxide trapped at high pressure. He was hoping to make crystals that would hydrate into a self-carbonating drink, but instead he stumbled across an exciting innovation in confectionery technology. 


The crystals he produced behaved in an unusual manner when eaten, giving off pops and crackles with a taste similar to that of sherbet. When the outer surface of the popping candy hits the tongue, the moisture dissolves the outer surface of the sugar crystals and the carbon dioxide bubble is released.  


How to use neutral crackle crystals popping candy

These fun sweets are coated with a flavourless cocoa butter that prevents them from reacting with the moisture in the air or with other ingredients. They can be added to mousses and jellies for a sensational twist on favourite dessert, or just sprinkled over ice cream for a super-sensory sundae.


Neutral crackle crystals popping candy are ideal for desserts that just need a little added pizazz, so you can sprinkle them onto anything for a little added fizz and crackle with only the sweet fizz of the carbonated sugar crystals. Theyre delicious on top of cup cakes, on trifles, in tarts and on biscuits. They can also be hidden inside baked goods for a surprise filling with a difference. 


These make an ideal ingredient for a cocktail with a difference too they are ideal around the rim of a cosmopolitan or martini glass, and they can be added to any flavoured drink that could do with a little something special. There are also several recipes for mocktails and punches that are perfect when served with crackle crystals either on the rim of the glass or sprinkled over the top just as its served.

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    Sugar, Glucose, Cocoa Butter, LACTOSE (MILK), Carbon Dioxide (E290).
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